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Illumini Event 2012

Illumini will take you on a journey of Victorian hauntings, explore the dark side of a city long forgotten. Take torch light tours beneath the haunted streets of the city




I have never been to a exhibition before, where I have loved all the work! Su xxx


Wow my 1st art event this was brilliant


Awesome exhib very unusual


It was very very fun. thank you Elliot age 10


Really brilliant best thing this year. Jill from Wales


My 2nd visit and just gets better. Rob x


Great lighting loved the heart beat. Charlie's Angels


Sorry we missed the opening night , we couldnt get in. Such crowds! Came back to see so glad we did . Well done never seen crowds at an art exhibition


wow a exhibition were the kids have as much fun as the adults, thanks for the free glow sticks will amuse them for hours
Keep on enlighting us. Mark


I like the plugs. Sue age 6


Well Done Andrea! loved all the art work. Kan


Came to the opening night on Thursday, was so impressed we returned today (fri), to have a closer look at the exhibits. Most interesting. There is plenty of talent around.


Interesting it's made me see the light, it's totally sensoring. I like the smell and sounds


A most stunning exhibition original and professional thank you


Lloyd's chairs great effect, Altuna, glass beautiful, Chalkley candles fantastic idea. I have bought one, so proud to have a piece of your art in my home.Thanks


Thanks for finally getting my sons imagination fired up.


Fanatastic venue. well done Liz Murfit


Great idea could really get excited for more> Willi New Zealand


That's what I call art!


Jane you will over take Damien


I want more! when is the next event Jane


ms Boyd's work loved it


Thank you so much, fantastic location and superbly curated


Our first date, we have really got to know each other by chatting about the art here and really enjoyed it. I have never been to see anything like this before .Thank you Illumini


Didn't realise art could be so cool! thanks


Electric show Well Done.


Brings whole new meaning to light entertainment . Brilliant. thanks


Really unexpectedly fabulous. From Cape Town! SA


A Great exhibition and wonderful to see New Talent


Excellent loved it


Great loved Cyber city by Jane Webb


Good job Matt


Loved it especially the photos at the beginning Lewis, would love to know the effects and how it was created. Great afternoon activity.


Light brings so many emotions


Great use of the venue


Fantastic work


so different, such imagination and hard work ace.


Music appropriate depicting heart beat by representing life and death/ / artist reflecting light & darkness. Project worked together.


Madi Boyds installations were mesmerising. Fabulous exhibition.


Was not sure what i was queuing for, glad i did this is amazing, didnt realise art covered so many things. thanks



How did one person create such a huge success well done xx


Simply Beautiful


Thanks and love and very best wishes to Suzan Swale .Chris


Illumini really did light up my life


Great job well done. jules glastonbury


A beautiful show, very well planned to make the best use of this fantastic space. Great work on show Congratulations


Thank you gods/or beings born in this city in which there are so many imaginative things to see or do. I am here with very little artistic ability but I do enjoy seeing what others can create.


Brilliant in every sense Chris


Great exposition... met Jane Webb its an honor!


What a lovely warm welcome when you enter the crypt from the artists.


Interesting & thought provoking Liz Murfitt, navarro and Webb all excellent


Wow Jane Webb is cool


Amazing!! more !!


Madi Boyd's work is stunning


This is a extraordinary exhibition never seen anything like it, heart beat installation was my fav


Great show loved it. Thanks Jenny




Beautiful all round especially light work and lewis's stunning pics


Very nice knickers indeed


Glad we found you


A creepy Christmas crypt


Enspena expoticion muy sugerente!


Im enlightened and mystified... you think that's air your breathing?!?!


Excellent show! schumi Canada


Found it very inspirational as an art student, great location and atmosphere


Beautiful, what an amazing surprise!


The best things in life are free. this show rocks


Cyborgs were so cool


More , More , More !


Very interesting I was nicely surprised.


Really Cool


Inspiring and thought provoking


The heart beat piece did it for me


reminds me of the 80's in the best possible way


travelled from cornwall to see this well worth it excellent


Great curating Ms Webb wonderful ideas hope to see illumini 2 when it happens


Amazing space, lots of interesting pieces, so many I cant decide which is my favourite! Look forward to discovering more more about your work! Great atmosphere too.


I felt my heart beat faster thank you so much


Better than cyberdog well done Jane Webb


Really good coming back again


loved it

Saw the poster on the bus came and checked it out. keep it going! Its great the things you can find in London Thank you not normally into art but this was great


Brilliant Madi


We love Mr Plug


Thnnks excellent when is the next one?


Some good ideas being developed here, liked the ambience of the crypt and particularly liked the technology cybernetic pieces.


Electrifying enlightening labyrinths where the past, present & future commune with the dead. Fabulous


Unique & fantastic cant wait to see what else the curator does


Humanoid loved them thanks x


No lies this was the best


My children loved it thanks so much and free


Really great ideas Well done ! Mark North Wales


what a fantastic show! Do more in dark places! great venue.


opening night what an atmosphere never seen a crypt so alive !, well done




Great exhibition plugs were my favourite. Jane Webb & Matthew Swift great work


Thank you very much for a very educating lesson. Poland




Great stuff and perfect response to the location. Thanks !


Really liked the show fantastic location.


Lovely exhibition thanks. Auigah


The plugs rock!


Just wonderful to see such lovely work. Katy


Very good show highly recommended. Andre


Very interesting wonderful use of the space and light excellent job


Very Interesting !!


Its creepy in here but im loving it.


Very intense John


wonderful exhibition in a truly unique location, this whats makes London's many down sides worth while jenni x


Brilliant and illuminating. As an 83 yr old feminist woman. so many woman in the show how come? interesting congratulations amazing Yvonne


Delightful wonderful atmosphere innovative exhibition Marilyn Canada


Andrea just wanted to touch it, it's great Elms x


Two folks very much enjoying what you all done


Refreshing great ideas hat off to the curator


Keep up the good work cant wait to see what you do next


Thanks very illuminating


Please do lots more!




Thank you was great


This is my 2nd visit . just as impressed as the last time. A very sensitive response to the nature of the space. Wonderful show


Beaucoup d'imagination, le jeu de construction des lumieres et leurs disposition est bluffant!!! superbe exposition! Bonne chance pour la suite


Come on baby light my fire


Found this visit inspiring may your creativity continue to amaze us




Works really well as a collection and each piece is also good enough to stand alone. You should do this again please


Thank you for brighten up my day x


Brilliant in every sense


the exhibition was nice


Wow more please


What a great idea


Love Jane webb's Cyber City


fascinating use of the dark,damp cavemans space full of tricks of the light


unbelievevably amazing


Enjoyed your show well done Chelle


Very unusual especially liked Andrea Tyrimos art work x


Katie needs a wee but loved the bright lights and colours


spooky eerie but fascinating. I don't think I was alone! Rupert


I loved it thank you


Beautiful use of the space, Jane has arranged.


Andrea Thank you for letting me touch- love yer work ! C u in Oct Caureen


An 'enlighting' exhibition in the perfect venue! Emma


Burning man forever


Ive just bought three lightbulbs for 99p in Robert Dyes. See the recurring theme.......


Very interesting! Very magical! Very LIGHT fantastic! Sponge Bob rules


Constant Heart Beat


Back to black is amazing cant' believe its a painting what an artist.


Get off my lawn




Great lights me up


A trip to fantastic! AMAZING!


Brilliant James 12


A great exhibition in an amazing venue- brightened my day! more exhibitions please

step into the light Amy


Loved it especially the Cyber City!!


lots of different and stuff age 14


Are there dead bodies in here?


Thank I like this lights


Good work playing with light- Norbert


Creepy but Beautiful.


Very illuminating. Nick and Flo


2nd visit. I loved all the exhibits


Very interesting and exciting


Art comes in many forms .


Great show works really well


Illuminating wondrous x


Exceptionally enlighting! fantastic


Lots to see worth another visit, very stimulating. Thanks!


Interesting work well set, with the unexpected occurring thanks


Fantastic atmospheric. Well done !


Cant help being creeped out by tombstones and the heart beat installation very interesting exhibition though


Thanks Caroline - came to your studios and enjoyed. Absolutely amazing


Interesting work great space well done


we loved Madis wires and the photogram's. unnerved by the heart beat installation ha ha

we really enjoyed the show please keep in touch with more events.




very good show liked it a lot Justin


Amazing thanks


Loved the atmospheric embodied


Very unusual and most interesting


v interesting thank you so much


Dave Brixham Very good work, interesting, stimulating and a great use of the space


Thank you Madi


Positive uplifting beautiful, Loved it Thanks


Very cool indeed thank you


Its amazing what light can do


strings were amazing


Great the place has such a mysterious feeling


This was great and very atmospheric


What a lovely surprise wonderful pieces of work


Great success, great talent . well done to you all!


Really interesting, very good location


Great setting


Thank you robin & Chacha


Beautiful exhibition


Harp light is great


Amazing exhibit loads of inspiration! Crystal


Exquisite thanks


Totally mind blowing


I love the cyber work really inspiring


Really cool beats any white wall gallery


Love the work Jane. Emma x


Liz I love you like brother. T


Fab stimulating show- brilliant

Ill never again look at/ think about light like before! Thanks


I am enlighted


Excellent inspiring! Thank you


Thank you for a lovely time robin age 7


Thanks everything glows wicked Billy age 11


Thanks for an unusual setting free from the oppressive white walls of galleries . x


very uplifting thank you


Thanks great show Janet ball


Light Fantastic A great place to have it !


Very illuminating


Bravo Adrian


Atmospheric setting for a very inspiring exhibition. Thank You


Awsome Madi work interesting


Jane Webb you are fantastic


It lit my mind




Love the Plug sockets


Und forma disinta de ver las cosas Thanks very good


Fantastic location to showcase fantastic exhbits




Jane Webb is the best


Great show thanks very much where would we be without the LED .DJ wheelie bag


What a brilliant exhibition & wonderful space . Would love all this stuff in my house


I like the tombstone lit up




great show well done


Best Trip ever


Im totally impressed. I might come back again tomorrow. When im rich ill commission Jane Webb


great location for it its beautiful Sarah


Most illuminating HH from Oz


Glad we came


Great Pear of pants


Nice Knickers


Tony and Tracy think its brill a good start to our day!


Interested if there is a darker side


I love it just like sambuca shotsx


Great location Simon especially loved it, his inspired him to be an electrician




One of the best exhibitions I have been to in ages well done! Rich


Thought provoking and inspiring good combination of church & art kind of gothic! A london Treasure




so cool!


What a great birthday outing Thanks to my girlfriend nice light show let there be light


Brilliant ideas


io sol invictus!




Awesome will pop back again great Rick


Thanks for putting on a great free event




illuminating superb


Madi Boyd great stuff


Good Show


Excellent curating


Well done


Beautiful! louisa


Great exhibition in a amazing venue. Very friendly artists and curator a pleasure to meet


Totally brilliant Totally different totally connected totally atmospheric totally electric. Bloody Brill Jane - want more!


Fantastic venue fantastic pieces x


Happy birthday to me 60 today


The harp light is my favourite


Andrea Tyrimos Really cool! Such precision


Bright Idea Jane well done


Great setting for a great show more please.


The Lewis Hayward photos were gorgeous Geri Hayward


Clever woman who is Jane Webb?


Very inspiring shiz


Made me think Lovely art work wish I was this creative


Interesting venue for exhibition enjoyed especially mirrored light pictures and wire work


Great use of the space like a magical underworld


A pleasant way to spend a Saturday thanks


Very Nice you should do it again some where


Happy birthday Aiden 8.9.08


Happy birthday to me 10 today


Unique sculptures in an equally unique setting Keith


Me and Danny are inspired


Fantastic place and exhibition


Futuristic sculptures are great!


Fabulous show


Thank you


Like the heart beat



Came to see the welcome exhibition found this on the way home so much better coming back next week again




Fantastic coming back again


Ben & Rsalyn you're late


Rose revisiting after the preview night, amazing exhibits, fascinating talking to the curator and definitely so inspiring in this environment. Good luck with future projects. I will look up the details


I loved thank you


Cool Venue for Cool work


Such diverse creations! V cool thank you


Love the plugs


I dream a night in which it seemed Id dreamed a light within my sight. Perhaps a brighter later


Wonderful use of a wonderful space


Kick ass cool


questa cosa mi e piaciuta moltofrancese


It was fanatstic Eveanor aged 8


Fantastic loved it


amazing exhibition


The heartbeat is the most imaginative and site piece


tolle atmospheri!


Intriguing makes one think


Im glad i came with my mummy! stefan aged 32


Absolutely brilliant!


Especially enjoyed enemy deception




It scared my girlfriend shitless !


Very interesting


lovely venue


mn grand bravo! a tow us criateues illuminines!


I liked the xrays of fruit and lasers


Great fun


Very cool thank you


Thank you excellent


very spooky light


Great lighting on tombstones


This has brightened up a very bad day for me


Madi Boyd cool


Very cool and original


What about the dead?


Love the heart beat bought the tunnels alive x




We loved Vincenzo


Wicked venue, brilliant expo in particular the plugs


Great show great curating great ideas great gallery and a friendly greeting at the door!


Vincenzo Di Marie's piece is the ultimate piece de reistance bellissimo


Excellent use of this space




Good opportunity to view some innovative ideas and products are that affordable


Plug me in baby vincis work rules


Madis work was fabulous


All hail the kings of sparkle.


Very cool exhbit


Liz Murfitt great to see your work here Betty and David


That was a very fun time for a birthday treat for Roger x


oooooh concepival!