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Illumini Event 2012 Illumini will take you on a journey of Victorian hauntings, explore the dark side of a city long forgotten. Take torch light tours beneath the haunted streets of the city




Illumini Event 2012

Comments left by guests

The world needs to know about Illumini...... Out of this world well done Jane

Interesting and Very Good - June Playforth

I am now an Illumini fan, we should start a fan club! These guys rock, each event gets better and better- Joe

My 2nd visit and I still think I want to come back again. Amazing!

It's amazing, amazing, AMAZING!!!!!!- Lnysey Walker

Thrilling spooky experience! - Danielle le Marais

Loved it, as soon as you walk in the door, your transformed back in time, great sound effects- Marie

My first time at Illumini! A good experience imaginative work- Hilda


My friends seemd to know all about Illumini, dont know where the hell I have been I didnt, but now I totally get it! Best experience I have had in a long time and free as well- Thanx - Gillian Brooks

The best exhibition I have ever seen- Jess

Illumini never disappoints always the best event of the year. Well done again

Loved the scarry performance by Birgitta

Best curated show I have ever seen


Loved the lights so beautiful- Sue Howard

Absolutely wonderfull. the imagaination is mind blowing. Well done!- Elizabeth Davies

Amazing Venue

I loved the spooky Rocking Chair by Jane Webb

So proud to have been part of this amazing event

What a amazing experience. Cant wait to tell everyone about it. Never seen art displayed in this way before. Unique and trully amazing event!

Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you for organising such a great event. I went on a couple of the tours and loved the exhibition, amazing imagination

Well Done! great show . Will let everyone know, to come down! Lots of talent- Corrina Eastwood

My Fav was Miss Havershams room so cool

Perfection even to the finest detail - Joseph B

Fabulous- Beautiful & very unusual exhibition- Jane & Nick

Loved the creepy sound installations around the venue.

The opening night was amazing, best free night out I have ever had, so many performers and really freindly staff. I came back again to spend more time reading all the info on the walls very well put together. I never read info in a museum, normally bores me but this is so cool and done so well. Thank You - Brian Simpson

The Curtain in the pub was haunting! - Holly

I wish I had dressed up, had no idea it was going to be this good, please add me to your mailing list- Jackie

Normally hate art events but this is so cool. More more more please.

Imaginative, creative, atmospheric & enjoyable. A sensory experience and a great way to enjoy art. Best wishes Matt

Im speachless ! When is the next one- Karen

A great night, Unique Special & Superb. A true hidden gem. - Senia Moriy

Totally cool - Ella aged 8

Rocking chair was a clever installation, also liked the bugs crawling out the wall in the large room and loved all the props especially the lamp posts.

A bit scary But great fun- Sophie aged 12

Brilliant work Jane! All the hard works paid off, for sure!! Will be back to be spooked some more.

The most fabulous evening I have ever had, thrilling, innovative- Darren Collins

Awsome ! - Maria aged 9

Thrilled me- Charles Dickens (someone with a good sense of humour)

Very good and interesting- Hannah Johnson

I thought the tombstones were real. Wow just was told by a memeber of staff they have been made. How cool is that I want them all for a halloween party. Imagaine hiring Illumini to create your halloween party. I would be the most popular person on facebook- Billy no mates

Loved the spooky underground map I want it!

I cant believe this is all free. i would seriously pay for this experience again- thanks so much- Pascale

It was brilliant. I loved the scary things - Eva aged 4 (written by her mum)

Very enjoyable and creepy atmosphere- Kevin

Opening night was not as busy as last year this was a huge bonus as got to see everything and the performances, Opening night was the best yet. Keep up the good work Illumini

Absolutely Great! Missing it already- Lee x

Great attention to detail some amazing pieces of work!

Stepping into another world, that which has been sheltered from todays pop culture An interesting and highly informative exposition. Thank You & look forward to the following events- Rudi Cole

Fantastic Thanks everyone, really great night x - Anna Pearce

Spoke with the curator what an interesting conversation. Well done Jane

Great idea and beautifully displayed. Loved it!- Olivia

Truely Incredible Absolutely loved it . - Andrew

Dear Jane, Just wanted to drop you an email, to thankyou for inspiring my son, we have been trying for sometime to find out what he would like to do at school with his subjects. Nothing ever seems to inspire him. I suppose a typical teenager. Well you did! He has not stopped speaking about your work. He now wants to be a prop maker and make electronic props. Thank you for spending the time to talk to him. I could see you was very busy, but you went out of your way to show him how the rocking chair worked. I hope one day you will get what you deserve for all your free community spirit and hard work.
Thank You Silvia (Marks Mum)

Loved the Victorian Chemist, and the sense of humor of the artist that created it. Damien Hurst eat your heart this is what you call art!

Great unexpected Diversion! More please- Dom Maguire

Very good exhibition well put together, the curtain in the bar was partically interesting, shame about dim lighting- Also like the glass men with the balls V Cool

Excellent Jane. Hope you can show your art else where too . Well done-Brenda

I vote the corset work- Its gorgeous x- Scarlett

Lots of fun! Very different and really well put together.

Amazing research I heard one person did the lot. Well done- Alan

Was not sure what to expect, but this was beyond anything I could of ever dreamed off. It was my birthday today and Illumini has made it the best ever.

Dear Jane, I just thought I'd add another note to the pile I'm sure you'll have received already, saying how good I thought the 'Illumini' event was. 
It wasn't quite what I had expected, but was all the better for it; I'm very glad I was able to catch it.  I came away with a bundle of business cards and a catalogue, with a load of artists that I intend to keep an eye on in future.  (Whether I'll be able to afford any of their work is a different thing...)
Thanks again, and well done.  I hope that the exhibition was as successful for you as it seemed to be for us.
Best wishes, Aaron

Thanks for another great series of talks last night. Roll on next year! Regards Sue Williams