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Category - Performance art/dance
Location - London
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"Ahnémon is a dynamic new collaboration of belly dance artists including members from Les Soeurs de Feu and Johara Dance (UK).

World dance, circus skills, design, gymnastics, theatre and martial arts are underpinned by a vast array of bellydance styles, from classic oriental and folkloric to modern Egyptian, ATS, gypsy and a plethora of fusion. Ahnémon combine traditional, alternative and experimental characteristics to create a sensory phenomenon unlike any other."

Sorcha Ra is a full time performance artist from London, England. She uses her studies of dance to bring movement quality and body aesthetics to the circus skills she performs. An accomplished belly dancer, who is a member of the UK's leading belly dance group Johara, she is also a mesmerising fire performer and a talented contact juggler. Sorcha has dedicated the last decade to exploring how fire performance can be incorporated into circus and theatre shows; which lead to her becoming one of the fire consultants for the latest west end Phantom Show - Love never dies.

Nuxya Ne - Inspired by ballet and English folk dances, Nuxya first performed her own choreography at the age of six, and through school she created ambitious, detailed group pieces for long-suffering school friends.Nuxya reignited her passion for dance after moving to London, were she explored jazz and street dance and later worked with an international Bollywood dance company.
In 2001 she was dazzled by the sight of a most magnificent hip drop and the love affair with all things belly dance began. Nuxya joined Josephine Wise's acclaimed Johara Dance company in 2007, performing and choreographing pieces in both the Elemental and Hoochie Coochie Girls tours.
Nuxya continues to study the myriad forms of Bellydance, primarily Egyptian, Tribal Fusion and Gothic, as well as Flamenco Descalzos, Hawaiian Hula and more recently performing fire dance with Les Soeurs de Feu.

Novell - Music and dance has always been a strong influence on Norvell's life. She began taking lessons in Ballet, Tap, Modern and Jazz from an early age. In 2006, Norvell was charmed by the world of bellydance; with its music and celebration of the female form of all shapes and sizes. Norvell joined Josephine Wise's Johara Dance company in 2009 and has toured in the Hoochie Coochie Girls show. She has a firm belief that to interpret music in dance, you must feel the music.

Nancy Verthandi Fleischhauer - From Germany, Nancy trained with Jawaahir Dance company in the US Throughout her time in America, Verthandi became involved with all aspects of the dance, training with a variety of renown teachers. During this time Verthandi took an interest in Iyengar Yoga, which she still practices today. Her natural interest for different facets of the performing arts led to the discovery of a variety of world fusion styles and the co-founding of Afsana Sisters (now Afsana), based in Minneapolis. Since moving to the U.K., Verthandi continues studying a plethora of belly dance forms such as Egyptian, ATS, Tribal Fusion and Dark Fusion. In recent years she has delved into other styles such as Hawaiian Hula, Gypsy, Baroque, Ballet and Barefoot Flamenco. Of late, Verthandi has started exploring Butoh with Marie-Gabrielle Rotie, who is an internationally recognized exponent of Butoh. A lifelong interest in ancient religions, mythology, shamanism and esoteric studies, has provided a channelling of passions into Ritual Dance. Verthandi Celandine is also a member of Les Soeurs de Feu, a fire dance troupe based in London.

Maëlle Roger - Born in France, Maëlle's childhood has been rythmed by dance. She started her stage experience at the age of 4 being part of a musical for children. She did this for 10 years while she was training as a rhythmic gymnast from the age of 6. Always willing to discover different forms and styles of dance, she started learning modern Jazz, street dance and Salsa as a teenager.She discovered Middle Eastern dance in 2004 in France with Aida and she immediately fell in love with it. She moved to London in 2007, where she mainly trains with Josephine Wise and keeps expanding her repertoire to new forms of dance and skills such as fire and props. She performed in April 2011 with “les Soeurs de Feu” in “Fire in the Belly” Part of the renowned Johara dance company, she has been touring in the UK and in France in the Summer 2011 presenting the exciting show "Hoochie Coochie Girls":

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