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Category - Performance Magician
Location - London/ Northamptonshire
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As night descends, and the safety of daylight is no more, the mist gathers slowly and the story of our evening begins. Storyteller, Magician, Mindreader & Hypnotist, Dr John unravels the intricacies of our souls, and beguiles us with the mysterious confoundery of the Magicians art.

His style is unconventional, and his character comes straight from the archives of Victorian melodrama - but these are not parlour games . . oh no.

Quietly astounding - he will, over the course of an evenings entertainment, challenge the very foundations of your understanding of the physical world, so much so that perhaps one day you will tell your grandchildren of the evening you spent in the company of Dr John!

He will present you with an evenng you will never forget - Trust him he's a Doctor.


Dr John is resident magician at the Cellar Doors . CellarDoors is secreted beneath Aldwych, they are open until 1am nightly with free live act... if you have not been to this event before, go and check it out, it's an amazing night out and as you know Illumini love subterranean spaces and this is one not to be missed. You can also check them out on facebook

Dr John can cater for any type of event from an intimate dinner party to a large corporate banquet. He has performed for many different events and organisations from Gothic Societies, corporate events organisers, charity organisations, wedding receptions through to individuals seeking something a little different for their dinner party. Clients include:-Twist and Shout, Creative Forum, Voluptica, Smarts Jewellers, Finishing Post Creative, Leicester City Football Club, Q Broadcast TV Studios and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Dr John has even performed for an NBC production on Korean TV and was asked to appear on Channel 4's `The Salon` for their halloween special.


Dr John has been astounding audiences with his unique blend of sleight of hand, pychological illusions and storytelling for a number of years and is already becoming a huge hit amongst the gothic community.

This is not magic that merely amuses the eye but a theatrical experience that evokes your emotions, Magick that happens in the mind and soul of the viewer.


Dr john having mingled with your guests will astound them with close up demonstrations of Bizarre Magick and Mind Reading. Tales of gambling with the devil, selling your soul to Lou Cypher and other tales of witchcraft and skullduggery will blend seamlessly with eye popping sleight of hand and experiments in mind control that border on the paranormal.


"Good Evening ladies and gentlemen my name is Dr John I am a practitioner of Magick, but unlike any magician you have ever seen before"

And so begins the show Arcanum, an intimate parlour act designed for audience sizes of between six to forty guests. A magic show unlike anything you will have experienced before. A dark and sometimes scary show using an array of strange antiques and artifacts. Lit only by candle light Dr john will take you on a strange journey through his collection, telling his dark and macabre stories. Accompanied by gothic music and a sense of otherwordly presence, this show will make you a believer.

For more details on how to book this unuusal performer that will have your guests talking for days about the experience, please contact the performer direct at the top of the page, you will find his email and website details.



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