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Illumini Event 2012 Illumini will take you on a journey of Victorian hauntings, explore the dark side of a city long forgotten. Take torch light tours beneath the haunted streets of the city





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Visual Artists
Location: London
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As a Masters student of the Image and Communication course at Goldsmiths University, I work with New Mixed Media, photographing everyday objects and turning them into alternate realities through the techniques of collage and digital painting. My work explores leaving everyday reality to create a world of my own which intern explores personal and universal truths. I have been exhibited in galleries across the world from Mumbai (India) to Washington DC (USA).


I find I express beauty best though feelings and try to express those feelings by any means available to me. Dreams of the unfounded clouded by mystery make up my imagination, which I, in turn, try to articulate though spirituality, symbolism and colour with an aspiration towards the infinite.

I believe that behind appearances and every day reality there lies a world that is beyond our senses and reason and it is that, that I try to convey in a more concrete form. To make an inner discovery. To delve into the inner depths of the soulů and to there discover sometimes the sublime and, at others, the deformed and horrible.I want to make what one has never seen and what one will likely never see in our reality.



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