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Applied Artists/Designer
Location: Strood, Kent
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I graduated from The University for the Creative Arts in Rochester, with a BA (Hons) in Applied Arts in 2011. I am currently working on designs for new lighting forms and improving myself as a designer


As a designer, my greatest inspiration comes from the natural world. However, in exploring the various cultures around us, I have found their innovative and careful use of materials and resources, their unique designs and art, and, in some cases, the respect shown for the natural environment impelling and encouraging. On the other hand, the extensive dumps, the destruction of vast swathes of natural habitat, the depletion of valuable natural resources, and the plastic waste that smothers our world, have been, for me, an incentive in all my work. These, without doubt, have had an indelible impact on me both on a personal level, and in my design ethos. I find designers such as Stuart Haygarth and Dale Chihuly inspirational.

My design pieces are aimed at recreating natural forms in an abstract way, using recycled, reclaimed or found objects, and assembling them in such a manner that they can be easily disengaged and recycled at the end of their usefulness. With my pieces I want to urge the viewer to cultivate a more intimate connection with our natural environment as well as bring about a greater awareness of the waste we produce.

I love to use lighting in my work to create atmosphere and to attract attention. The process of using recycled, manmade materials and lighting to recreate natural forms allows me to connect and combine the natural with the artificial. For me this fusion sends out an important message to the viewer. Man can work with nature, not against it, man can enhance nature, not destroy it, and, as designers, we should lead the way in finding and endorsing designs and technologies that are proactively eco-friendly.



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