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Photographer, for Illumini Event 2012 012

Category - Photographer
Location - London
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I am a graduate in Social Communications (journalism), an experienced journalist and I am currently a photography student at the City of Westminster College in London. I am adding more skills to my media communications this time through photography, experimenting with different techniques and styles.


I feel very connected to people and emotions, so being able to draw the essence of someone's personality and capture it in a single frame is truly a remarkable and inspirational feat.

I am culture-curious. I shoot almost anything and everything that allows me to capture the feel and the uniqueness of the places I have seen or travelled to.

During my course I have been able to gain a fantastic knowledge of the world of photography. The opportunity to use different types of analogue and digital cameras has expanded my creative possibilities and choices.

I take great influence from photographers like Henri Cartier - Bresson ,  Diane Arbus and Nan Goldin.



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