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Category - Performance
Location - London
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Freelance Writer/Performer of scripted museum theatre, also Freelance Costumed Historical Interpreter, I also devise and deliver Educational workshops on a variety of subjects Currently available either for scripted performance or for free-flow costumed interpretation. Costumed Interpretation and Drama devised for specific sites and characters.

Specialised areas of knowledge:Black Death, Tudor, Georgian, Early 19th century, Industrial Revolution, Transport & Engineering related characters, Victorian, 1930's.

Other credits: Detector "Enchanted Palace" - Wildworks for HRP/Kensington Museum, Museum of London ;Black Death - a survivors tale, Victorian Costermonger, Samuel Pepys, Maritime Museum; King Neptune - interactive childrens tour, Meet Mr Brunel - interactive childrens interpretation, Royal Naval College (Samuel Pepys), London's Transport Museum (devised 1926 general strike interpretation) V&A: John Hemminge - actor with Shakespeare 1594

CRB Clearance. Public Liability Insurance to  £10,000,000 (Policy No. 112094) Equity Member. Member of GEM (Group for Education in Museums)


Actor and Historical Costumed Interpreter, CLIVE GREENWOOD appears as Victorian Quack Doctor "Dr Socrates Gripenerve"

Dr Socrates Gripenerve, lately Doctor of Physic to the Sultan of all Persia, will be in attendance with his "Cures of Sterling Merit"

The Doctor, a man of great medical learning, will have available many of his new wonder cures, including his new patent tabloids, miracle remedies and the elixir of life itself. (Buy now while stocks last!)

For those of an impecunious nature, or those suffering temporary financial embarrassments, Dr Gripenerve is happy to arrange liberal terms with a local loan office

Dr Gripenerve assures intending patients that those who accuse him of fraudulent claims at Quackery are simply Harley Street physicians jealous of his great medical knowledge, he invites you to peruse his testimonials from the Gentry and The Crowned Heads of Europe

Extensively researched in the Wellcome Medical Library, Dr Gripenerve has been available for consultation at

"Quacks & Cures" (Wellcome Gallery)
The Science Museum
"Victorian Steam-Up" (Kew Bridge Steam Museum)
Imperial College Festival
Victorian Weekend - Erddig (National Trust)
Steampunk Events throughout the UK

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