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Category: Visual Artist
Location: Hertfordshire
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Jojo gained a BA Hons degree in Fine Art; specialising in sculpture in her final year. She has undertaken various training in silver jewellery making, woodwork, dress making/pattern cutting, printmaking and has a City and Guilds in photography. Jojo works full time as a visual artist and was awarded a fellowship with Digswell Arts Trust in 2008. Jojo's most recent work has been exhibited in venues across Hertfordshire and London, including the Ilumini Crypt-mas exhibition at St Pancras Church where she was afforded the opportunity to be interviewed about her Smoke-a-graphs on the BBC.


Jojo uses a variety of media and methods in her work, including sculpture, drawing, photography, installation, painting and Smoke-a-graphs. Some of her work utilises kinetics, sound, light and found objects. Her current work explores realms of the unknown inspired by her interest in the paranormal. Themes such as Angels, ghosts and death have featured in her work.

Working in collaboration with hypnotherapist, James Quinn, Jojo underwent past life regression in order to access and explore some of her past life memories.

The result being work that focuses on reincarnation and the notion of life between lives.

Illumini Event 2012 Art Statement

The Lost and the Found

There has long been an interest in the thrill of the unknown and the Victorians were no exception. The Victorian era witnessed a rise in spiritualism and the literature that abounds is heavily influenced by ghosts and spirits of the past. Spiritualism was part of Victorian culture. So much so that The Ghost Club; a paranormal investigation and research organisation, was founded in London. One of its early members was Charles Dickens.

For some staunch believers, the idea that our souls live on eternally after our body dies is a given, along with the notion of our souls being reincarnated into new bodies many a time, in order to advance our inner knowledge.

If this is true, it stands to reason that earth is only our temporary abode. So where do we call ‘home', between our earthly lives?

It is said that a thin veil separates the earth's dimension from that of ‘the other side', our real home, the one where we come from and where we return to after each of our lifetimes on earth has elapsed.

When our soul finally separates from our body, it is the beginning of a whole new life: A life between earthly lives. As our soul lives on, with other souls who form a cluster group and whose knowledge is of a similar level.

There is an ordered process of returning home. Although we may be temporarily lost to our loved ones on earth, we are found and reunited with the other spirits we have known through many lifetimes on earth and ‘the other side'. The spirits on ‘the other side' are alerted to our homecoming when our inner light starts blinking. It is then that they come to greet us, for our return journey home is imminent.

The Lost and The Found is inspired by this cyclical spiritual journey and the imprints, memories and energy we leave behind, along with our earthly possessions.


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