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Illumini Event 2012 Illumini will take you on a journey of Victorian hauntings, explore the dark side of a city long forgotten. Take torch light tours beneath the haunted streets of the city





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Category: Performance Artists
Location: London
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Graduated with a 2:1 BPA from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in 2010, Joss has
continued to work as a freelance dance performance artist in the UK and Europe working with
companies and choreographers such as The BalletBoyz(UK), Russel Maliphant(UK), Mad Dogs
Dance Theatre(UK), T.R.A.S.H.(NL), Mor Shani(NL). He continues to build and create his own works
in a variety of artistic mediums allowing him to develop his artistic skills and visions to create a
diverse landscape of crafts.


I see so much beauty and fascination within the morbidity of death in life, and to be comfortable
with death, one must submerge themselves within it. Skulls are one of natures oldest, purest ‘SKULLptures’
provoking powerful responses of emotion and curiosity to the living whether it be for scientific, artistic or sadomasochistic purposes. ‘Playing with the dead’ tests the balance between what it is to be ‘normal’ in todays society, submitting audiences to a graphic realisation that death happens to everyone/everything and that its just a part of life so enjoy it whilst you can. Pushing limits of myself and the audience is the most gratifying, and through the extremes of shock and disgust also brings with it an intriguing liberation to both.


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