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Category: Visual Artist
Location: Lincolnshire
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I am a fully qualified Mechanical engineer and I started my working life building hand made exotic cars for private clients. A few years later I decided to expand my horizons further and expressed myself in the Interior design sector. This then inspired me to specialize in bespoke furniture and the Iris “soulmirrors”. I have enjoyed this for some years and I have had the privilege of working with clients from all walks of life and working with many diverse materials. I decided at the start of 2010 that I would channel my artistic nature into being a mixed media artist. Over the course of 2010 and 2011 I have had art commissions from the Spread Eagle and Pinewood hotels and four private clients.


The creation process fascinates me. Converting feelings, emotions and ideas into 3D form can literally take my breath away and feels as if it takes me away from psychological or clock time. I love the feeling I experience when the client expresses that the finished piece is so much more than the brief that they gave me as if I listened between the words that they used.

I have the intention to complete a number of art pieces this year that expresses the metaphysical journey that we as humans along with the divine part of our nature travels over our life time. (Generally starting as feeling beings then often conditioned into thinking beings experiencing all the various emotional states which attracts situations and circumstances which we hopefully pass through reclaiming more of what I call head heart balance giving us a more intuitive view of ourselves, others and life.)

I construct my art by fusing together different media usually wood, acrylic, metals, vinyl, fabric, card and various paints.

I like the challenge of putting different materials from diverse sectors together in a seamless way and incorporating details that people often only see on second viewing.

It's not essential but some times I like my art to have a secondary function such as a light source, or to support the environment in some way as furniture or as part of a buildings structure.


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