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Illumini will take you on a journey of Victorian hauntings, explore the dark side of a city long forgotten. Take torch light tours beneath the haunted streets of the city


Founder & Curator of Illumini Events
& exhibiting artist

Category: Sculpture & Installation
Location: Hertfordshire/ London
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Jane Webb is a London-based mixed-media, illuminarie artist and also the founder and curator of Ilumini,which started in 2008. The Launch of Illumini Event attracted 7,145 visitors and over 3,000 on the opening night. Since then over 25,000 people have enjoyed the Illumini experience.

Jane graduated in Glass & Fine Art Post-Grad Certificate, at Central St Martins in 2006 and shown work at the prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum in 2007; founded, curated and exhibited at Illumini, which started in 2008 and exhibited a temporary installation in Leicester Square London in 2009. Jane has also been short-listed for the 'Inspire by Awards' & 'Pride in the House' and the 'Future Design Awards' and been commissioned by Sci- Fi Film festival and a guest artist on the premier night. Waltham Forest Council also commissioned her for 'Light Up' a one night event of illuminating Lanthorne Park for the Olympiad. The Museum of London commissioned Jane to create Electro-Late a evening full of entertainment and art. More recenly her work has been shown in Moscow.



Jane works primarily in glass and lighting for her commissioned works of illuminating mirrors and for her mixed media sculptures and installations. Recycled computer and electronic components are assimilated along with electronics and illumination.

Jane's artwork is influenced by the technological advancements in the areas of cybernetics and prosthetics as well as modern technology. Her work looks at the way society reacts to the ever-changing upgrades of electronic products and how the human race is changing from man to machine. She has a strong interest in special effects and prop making for film and TV; this is shown in her techniques, which are used on her sculptures.

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