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Category: Visual Artist
Location: Somerset
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AVCE Art and Design      City of Bath College

ABC Foundation Diploma Art, Design and Media  University Falmouth

'Foundation Show' at Poly Arts Centre, Falmouth

'Time'  at Gainsborough Building, Bath

I have set up installation spaces or on the festival circuit for four years which are used for a variety of purposes from workshops to small dance areas, but mainly as an otherworldly vision for passers by. Events at which I have showcased my props and installations include Glastonbury Festival, Sunrise Celebration and Secret Garden Party amongst others. I recently completed the illustrations for a book and website about dream interpretation. I have created sets for a production of 'The Little Prince', and a travelling music/performance arts show 'The Invisible Circus'. I also have a small events collective which can provide hand crafted bespoke decorations, marquee, and masks/wings. (more about this can be seen on the newly created facebook page mentioned above, until I have got a website together!) 


In my work I aim to make physical representations of that which occurs in my imagination and subconscious.  My creations are concerned with the impact of our childhood visions and the imprint they leave, by story telling, fairy tales, mythology and folklore. I am intrigued by the beauty and incredible feats of our dreams, the terror of our nightmares and their origin. I draw inspiration from the wonders of nature, its primal forces and awe inspiring power.

My imagination is fueled by the ethereal, ancient cultures, ritual and sacrifice, by magical beasts and wild spirits and the limitless possibility that exists in our world.I work in as many mediums as possible to express my imagination and creativity, from installation, sound, illustration and murals to toy making, costume, writing and shadow theatre.

Through my work I hope to make the world we experience a less mundane place for others. I want to show the importance and fun of imagination and story telling, and to mystify that which many may take for granted. I would like to give the freedom to believe that we lead an existence consisting of more than what our five primary senses can perceive, more than what our science has proven and probably so much more than we will ever know.


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