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Illumini Event 2012 Illumini will take you on a journey of Victorian hauntings, explore the dark side of a city long forgotten. Take torch light tours beneath the haunted streets of the city





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Category: Visual Artist
Location: London
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Denise Felkin studied BA Hons Fine Art at University of Sunderland and graduated in 1994, she is a freelance creative photographic artist with extensive experience in public visual art installations. Her work has been seen in galleries, arts and music festivals and events around the UK and Spain. Her portfolio reflects this work and also her travels in Australia, Thailand, India, USA, Canada and Europe

"A good photographer requires the ability to capture the essence of its subject, isolate the subject from its moment, and project it. Communicating the meaning of an event, a relationship, a place, or a personality, is at the heart of what I do."


I am an artist whose main medium is photography.  I strive to photograph in a unique and original manner. ?I am fascinated by the illusionary and the surreal that use tricks of light, scale and perspective to choreograph the viewer's experience and allow the viewer to stand in front of work imagining how to enter the space. I recreate the elements of the natural/unnatural world in an urban surreal experience where natural forces and physical form inform the work and creates a logic to what is there, I am also interested in new age of harmony and quantum mechanics where consciousness changes reality


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