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Category - Artist
Location - Surrey
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Using clay as my main medium I express my concept being very versatile I find clay adapts well to what I want to create. It also contains obvious connotations with the earth which is important to my concept. With new ways of always producing works of art today I am currently reproducing a combination of opposing views in one sculpture; man and the natural world. Because of the combination of these two elements I have become aware of how the forms of mythical creatures have made a presence and influence in my sculptures. Relating to this I am interested in how creatures/ objects make an appearance in performance, what roles they play and how they interact with the audience. I have been influenced by Grayson Perry's ceramic sculptures, taking work by unknown craftsmen throughout history, and re-creating them to adapt to our contemporary lifestyles. I hope to carry on this exploration within my concept and will continue this development in a sculptural style of working.


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