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Category - Performance
Location - Brighton
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Michelle Laing professional artist, poet and performer. Artist first and foremost, her work tends to have an underlying dark or playful theme.

‘There is something very beautiful in the bizarre'.

She explores lots of different materials; in the past few years she has been working mainly with metal, bone and different waxes . Sculptures she has made using bone include: a skeleton of a creature made up from different animal bones, in completion it formed a creature that looked like a fossilised Greek m ythological animal.  She enjoys making lots of unique, one-off pieces and is currently exhibiting her work in Jing for the Brighton festival under the ‘Underground Open House Art Movement' which is a new arts collective. Please go to .

She is also showing 6 of her pieces in a ‘rogue' Open House in 14 Coleman street, Brighton .

She has exhibited in fifteen exhibitions and sold artworks into the double figures , she has sold prints of her work and been part of Art junky for three years (this is a quirky indoor market ).

Completed three commissions and is currently working on a fourth . She has done an artist residency in a squat gallery in London and been in the paper twice for her inspired artwork (Newham local pa per and the High Wycombe paper).

She has worked in many commun al art projects and currently is co-ordinating Creative Craze which is a sculpture competition for children 11-16 years old, based in Brighton.

She has recently been performing poetry in Brighton this year in ‘Something Highly Inappropriate' at the Earth and Stars in March, in the ‘ IOpen ' at The Caxton Arms in April and at St. Micheals Place in May. 

When performing she is often a strange outcast of society, or spokesperson for an alternative way of living she excels at presentations and is not afraid go the extra mile in performances.

Her performances include:

491 Gallery – One artistland
Kiwiburn , New Zealand - Fire
Beckton park – Sandwich tree
491 Gallery – 101 uses of Hemp
Synergy, SEone club- Falun gong
University of East London – L.I.PS night
On the underground, London – Alienation
Dreamthinkspeak , Brighton – Before I sleep
Nowhere Festival, Spain – Hannibal Lecter's sister
Zombie walk, Brighton 2010/2011 – Deadly zombie

She is very versatile in her performances and mediums, the outcome is always imaginative and  thought provoking and “comes high recommended”.

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