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Category - Performance Artist
Location - London
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Moneer Elmasseek, professional Actor/Model/Writer/Comedian/Poet. Being inspired to act from a very young age Moneer started in the Chicken Shed Drama Group which has since grown to a colossal size. Staying involved in theatre throughout his time in secondary school years Moneer was always keen to explore different types of drama and has spent the past four years studying Performing Arts at City and Islington College.

Moneer has had extensive classical and contemporary actor training from Central School Of Speach And Drama graduates and teachers, Moneer has a natural skill to understand Shakespearian Language very quickly. He has also attended several work shops of the National Youth Theatre. Moneer has also been a professional model for the past three years, appearing on many diverse champains with everything from horror and gore artistic photography to vintage fashion modeling.

A motivated writer, Moneer has written several short stories, poems and scripts and has recived alot of praise for them. He also has a BTEC National Certificate and is very experianced Kayaker with many hours clocked on still and moving water.

Moneer has been casted in several plays including Twelgth Night by William Shakespeare, DNA by Dennis Kelly, Flesh Wound by Che Walker, White Boy by Tanika Gupta Motor Town by Simon Stevens, Frankenstein by Nick Dear (based on book by Mary Shelly), The Strange Case Of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. Moneer has also had parts in several feature films such as; "Sket", "StreetDance 3D 2", "The Baseline", "The Knot" and several others in post production. Moneer has also been in several music videos; "You Better Leave Me" by Liam Bailey, "no way" by Mikel Ameen, "in the city" Benjamin Johnson and "Beneath The Clouds by Stray Theories.


Take a step into a dark mirror of shadows for every good an evil. Doctor Harold Jekyll, renowned scientist and respected gentleman, creating the cure to every negative side of human nature with the belief that if one could separate ourselves From the demons of the mind we could be pure. But what he found was the distillation of all that is wrong, Diabolical and evil, from this idea Mr Edward Hyde was born.
Both share a body but with minds a life time Apart, make your own decision on who you want to speak to,
but be warned there is power in words.

To Hire

Moneer is available for castings for Stage, TV and Film. He is also available to bring several different characterisations to events including Dr.Jekyll and Mister Hyde, contact on email above for more info 


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