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Photographer, for Illumini Event 2012 012

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Location - London
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Nick Hooper is a self-taught photographer, living in London. He has interests in art photography, portraiture, architecture/urban space, street photography, music and events. 


Photography was invented at the height of the Victorian age and Dickens himself sat for a number of early photographic portraits. Although the digital technology that is now commonly used in photographic practice would be unrecognizable to pioneers like Daguerre and Talbot, the fundamental techniques we apply to the channeling of light through optical apparatus and onto a sensitive recording surface remain constant.

Throughout its history, and in spite of our general desire to see photography as visually accurate ('the camera never lies'), we have been captivated by the ability of photography to show us the real world in extraordinary ways. In photographs, we look for the captured essence of someone, someplace, sometime; something almost spiritual, that perhaps we do not simply 'see' in a strictly visual sense. At some level, photography is almost a metaphor for the Victorian psyche, which placed bold faith in technology and engineering, and yet longed for the spiritual.

I am excited to be given the opportunity to photograph the Illumini exhibition this year. As I do so, I will try to be conscious of the relevance of photography to the theme of the event, acutely aware that the apparatus I will use is a most Victorian invention.


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