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Photographer, for Illumini Event 2012 012

Category - Photographer
Location - London
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I am a London-based photography student and an avid studier of life. I particularly love people-watching and am a fan of the quirky and unsparing approach of Martin Parr and Bruce Gilden. I work in both digital and film format (both 35mm and medium format) and am constantly seeking ways of visually representing what is ordinarily invisible to the eye.


I have been taking photographs since the age of four when I was given access to the family's Kodak camera. Ever since those early shots of my best toys and my best friends, photography has weaved its way in and out of my life, pinning my personal history to a visual mapping of time.

I am fascinated by photography's ability to tell stories (whether truthful or not) in a universal language that passes wordlessly across all kinds of cultural and geographical borders. Now that the medium has progressed to digital form, those borders are even more flimsily demarcated and photography has an extended passport to roam. I wonder where the journey will lead us nextů



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