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Illumini Event 2012

Illumini will take you on a journey of Victorian hauntings, explore the dark side of a city long forgotten. Take torch light tours beneath the haunted streets of the city



Illumini Event 2012
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Illumini is a not-for-profit organisation that provides free unique illuminating art & historical events, for the public's enjoyment, in unusual locations. Illumini promotes artists from any background and experience, who work with light, from visual artIsts to performers. Alongside the biennial Illumini events in September 2008 & 2010, 2012 in between these dates, there are other illumini events. We also help promote artists and creative individuals and businesses, through our website, with a directory of profile pages. Online resources for artists are available through the website and newsletters.

The aim of Illumini is not just to showcase art, but is to entertain and enlighten, introducing all communities that may not normally visit the arts to a different approach; many being exposed to the arts for the first time. All visitors, including families, are kept entertained by the spectacular performances. The children in particular are able to interact with not only the performers but also the actual artwork. The founder Jane Webb, believes the arts should be free and easily assessable for all, and stressed this for the 'Illumini' events. This has been reflected by the number of people who attended, as well as the positive comments and feedback received. So far over 25,000 people have enjoyed the Illumini experience


Jane Webb, artist and curator, began 'Illumini Events' in 2008, after discovering an extraordinary location that of an underground crypt, (the Crypt St Pancras Church, Euston Rd, London) which is in marked contrast to the ordinary 'white wall' gallery space. Jane was particularly interested in artists from a variety of backgrounds, genres and experience, ranging from visual artist to performers all working with light.

Illumini's opening night was complemented with a full evening of free entertainment, fire performers, stilt walkers, illuminating juggling, light shows and performance artists, working with illumination taking place throughout the crypt. It was not an elitist Private View night, but rather an evening where everybody was welcome and able to enjoy the arts for free.

The opening night, for Illumini 2008, attracted over 3,000 people, all who were able to experience the illuminatory and dazzling effect this diverse collection of artwork had on the famous St Pancras Crypt's desolate and unsettling environment. Throughout the duration of the event, Illumini received 7,145 visitors.

The media attention received was fantastic, showering Illumini with very positive reviews and comments, Time Out critic's choice even went so far as to list the event as one of the top five events to see in london. The Telegraph, carried out pre-event interviews with the curator and artists, again the article was very positive and complimentary. For details of further press coverage received, please take a look at our press page.

Illumini 2010 secret subterranean London hit record numbers, over 5,000 people turned up for the opening night, with 3,315 gaining entry, crowds were entertained by performers. The week long event included exhibition, talks and tours in other underground spaces opened to the public. 9,247 visitors experienced the Illumini Experience. Press coverage included radio and international publications, including The Sunday Times and Time Out- critics choice voted top event to see in london.

The curator Jane Webb, would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved with making Illumini's events, the great success they are . Special thanks go out to the volunteers, who worked tirelessly on the opening night, also big thanks to the all the press for their support and kind words. Thank you to all the businesses that showed their support for Illumini. Most importantly a huge heartfelt thank you to the vast amount of visitors who attended, without your support the event would not have been so spectacular.


Illumini has continued to promote artists and performers and was commissioned for an Olympiad event 'Light Up', a free public festival themed on light and Electro-Late for the museum of london.

Next Event planned is in Sept 2012. We would like to hear, now from any artists who would like to be involved from work placements, to exhibiting and performing, Click here for more details.

Any businesses that would like to be involved in this popular event. Illumini is a great way to advertise to a wide audience of people, for sponsorship details please see our sponsorship page or contact us.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list for free Illumini events drop us a line through the contact page.