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Category: Creative Company
Location: World Wide, based in London
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Musion is the world leaders in holographic projection - best known for its showcase of Madonna and Gorillaz at the Grammys, its work with HRH Prince Charles, David Beckham and many others. In 2008 the Musion Academy as Musion's artistic and creative forum was launched.  Musion has always been keen to foster relationships with academia and the general public. The Musion Academy is the institutionalised forum for students, artists and professionals from the creative industries to create holographic projection, live stream content and engage with the Musion technology in their own creative field. Everyone that is interested in this technology is invited to partake in Musion Workshops - designed to explain the technology and to enable you to explore your creative potential.

Further Information

The Musion Academy allows you to learn about the past, future and present of Musion as a creative technology tool, a holographic projection technique, a live-telepresence vehicle and a new medium. Investigate your own visual style, learn about the do's and dont's of the medium and create your own content - your own visual language, your own Musion hologram

The workshops are organised in theoretical and practical units. This gives you the technical framework and creative know how to enable you to come up with your own ideas. Guest lecturers will report on aspects of the medium, and peer review discussions will allow you to reflect on your own progress in developing content. Explore what it takes to create holographic illusions, stage varieties and real time 3D effects in the performing arts. Sign up for the workshops now