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TOMPS stocks a full range of casting and mould making products. Silicones, resins, fibre glass, plaster, latex or any other mould making and casting products. Friendly service and great step by step, on-line guides for their products. They supply to individual artist's and prop makers with small orders to Film Production Companies assisting with Set Construction Materials and General Supplies. They offer safe, fast transport of your supplies to almost anywhere in the world and have undertaken to supply Film Production & Set Design Companies as far afield as Australia.


TOMPS continue to develop their systems and has brand new RTV Mould Making Silicones for you to try out! They have a new range called Viscolo , an uber low viscosity RTV Silicone that will make your mould last longer than any other RTV you have tried before, even with Polyester Resin and Fast Cast Resin

At Mould Making and Casting Supplies, they have further developed relations with our GRP Fibre Glass Polyester Resin and Polyester Gelcoat suppliers to bring you contiunued value for money in any project you may undertake. Since a recent merger between two of the worlds leading Chopped Strand Mat suppliers, they now stock a full range of Glass Fibre Reinforcements for you to use in your mould support cases, marine repairs, flat roofing and automotive works. The quality of the Polyester or Glass Fibre has not changed, its simply packaged differently.

They also stock a good range of Polyurethane Fast Cast Resin in water clear and solid white standard Fast Cast . Offering three types of Polyurethane Foam , two flexible versions and a versatile gap filling rigid Polyurethane Foam. Of course our Polyurethane partners can supply almost any kind of resin for just about any kind of job you undertake. Be that for Mould Making or Casting , they can source all the supplies you need for a successful project.

They continue to offer some of the best rates within the Plaster Shop Industry and will endeavour to look after their customer base like no other competitor. They have a helpful, friendly and knowledgeable team and can be contacted by phone or email.