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Category: Creative Service
Location: London
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Highly recommended specialist coach for artists and creative professionals - illuminating the way ahead to support you on your journey.

Diane Parker has worked in the creative industry for over 20 years and is a professional writer and editor, with a background in the performing arts. She started out as a dancer and moved into publishing. Diane still is seen occasionally on London's Comedy Circuit.

Diane began coaching in 2007, working with employees of  Creative & Cultural Skills, the campaigning organisation for the creative industries and cultural sector. Her clients, ranged from senior managers and executives to those who were still finding their feet in the company. Since then she has gained numerous qualifications, to name just a few Postgraduate award in business coaching, Coaching and Mentoring SMEs Coaching Skills for Leadership Foundation Course-Performance Coach Training/The Cultural Leadership Programme.


A qualified coach and facilitator , her private clients include artists, writers, musicians, people who are just starting out in their careers, people who want to move on and upwards, and people wanting to make the transition from full-time employment to freelance or setting up their own business.


What's a Creative Coach?

I describe myself as a 'creative coach' for three reasons.First of all, the arena I work in is mainly creative. I work with creative professionals at all levels and stages of their careers.

Secondly, I help people from all walks of life who want to tap into their inner creativity, and find new forms of expression in their daily lives, both personally and professionally.

Thirdly, I bring my own creativity to my coaching practice. One of the best things about being a coach is hearing people's stories, and I often think of myself as a 'story facilitator' - helping people to describe and so make sense of who they are, where they have been, and more importantly, where they are going .

Why 'The Good Witch of the North'?

In the classic 1939 film 'The Wizard of Oz', the Good Witch of the North meets Dorothy on her arrival in Oz. The role she plays in Dorothy's adventure is to  supervise her progress on her journey  to the Wizard and  help her find her way  back to Kansas at the end of the story.

The theme of journeys and adventures is one that frequently arises with the people I work with. Just as Dorothy must embark on a journey to reach her goal, my clients are also embarking on a journey of self-discovery. My role is to facilitate that journey, and provide appropriate support along the way.

Coaching operates on the basis that nobody knows you as well as you know yourself, and that deep down you already have the answers to your questions. But as the Good Witch of the North asserts, if I told you this, you wouldn't believe me - you have to discover it for yourself. That's my role - to take you on that journey of self-discovery and help you find the answers for yourself.