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Illumini will take you on a journey of Victorian hauntings, explore the dark side of a city long forgotten. Take torch light tours beneath the haunted streets of the city

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Category: Installation
Location: London
Contact: Email


Matthew gained a BA in Theatre Design at Central St Martins in London in 1984. In 1999 a MA in studio art at New York University USA.

In 2003. PG cert in Art & Design at the institute of education of London. Matthew has exhibited in Australia, USA and the UK. At present is teaching art in London


Matthew's installations are constructed from founded objects and photographs. He pays particular attention to site specific locations were the spaces it's self becomes a material and part of the palette used. Although he often uses common-place materials, the aim is to allow a different more playful and unconscious world to come to the fore, hopefully penetrating the surface of the ordinary and instead opening up and allowing to emerge, the hidden, complex and poetic that exists within the everyday.