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Category: Glass Artist
Location: London
Contact: Email


After graduating from Central St Martins in glass and fine art, Mercedes has achieved a wide range of courses in the field of glass casting, pate de verre, kiln formed glass and stained glass. This has lead to exhibiting and collaborations In London.

Mercedes was originally from Leioa, Biscay region of Spain, her earlier career started here with, a commission for a large scale collaged mural for Travel agency in Bilbao Exhibition Centre. Printed poster designs for demonstrations, conferences and events. Mural projects with community groups in Bilbao .


As light allows viewing, Mercedes looks into ways in which light can expand, contain and underline the glass pieces: interaction with material, form, colour and the given space. After trying all kinds of techniques in glass in a relatively short period of time, I have come to the point where I am listening to the material, and want to say many things with not too much! At Central Saint Martins I wanted to get to know a palette of what the material glass could do. Now it is about refining that process, and my work is getting more and more pure.

Looking at the work of Bernard De Jonghe recently, I found it very sympathetic - he feels himself in the landscape of his region of France, in a mountain side, in a colour .I want to feel with the material like this, make just some small corrections, and make the most of the material glass


Mercedes Altuna Illuminating Glass 2.jpg (9kb) Mercedes Altuna Illuminating Glass 3.jpg (23kb) Mercedes Altuna Illuminating Glass 5.jpg (69kb) Mercedes Altuna Illuminating Glass 6.jpg (17kb) Mercedes Altuna Illuminating Glass 7.jpg (34kb)
Mercedes Altuna Illuminating Glass.jpg (28kb)