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Category: Visual Artist
Location: Birmingham
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I graduated from The School of Art, Northampton University with a Fine Art Hons Degree in 2008, during which I was ambitious and also completed several additional exhibitions, a residency and worked for a local gallery.

I am currently completing my Media Arts Masters at Coventry University whilst also creating and developing an arts organisation called, “Out Yer Tree” in which I co-curate and deliver outdoor art exhibitions in public parks across the U.K.

I have most recently been selected for several funded projects that include training these are; Creative Leap organised by Sampad and an Arts Board Training Programme, to become a member of a Art Organisation's board (both of which are Birmingham based).


 I am a practicing visual artist who works with colour, light and mass-produced objects to create installations and sculptures that feature in a multitude of environments.

I am fascinated by vivid colours, industrially produced materials and the natural environment. My artistic practice has developed in search for a point where these incongruous elements can unite in a visual, harmonious balance to alter the viewers perceptions of the mediums used and provoke sensations.

I have begun to work more closely with the concept of found forms and utilizing these recognised structures to transform the viewer's interpretations of them. I explore repetitive actions, mass-produced throw away objects and organic structures to create installational sculptures that illuminate uniquely depending on the location.

I am interested in the use of alternative exhibition venues and although I mostly consider my practice to be focused on outdoor environments, I enjoy the diversity an unique space such as Illumini's Crypts offers.






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