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Category: Visual Artist
Location: Lincolnshire
Contact: Email


Artist and Designer Lionel Theodore Dean is a graduate engineer and has a Master's degree from the Royal College of Art, London. His work explores the boundaries between Art and Design.

In 2002 Lionel created FutureFactories, a concept that combines computer aided design and computer scripting to produce virtual designs that evolve and mutate. On-screen designs are ‘printed out' as real world artefacts using direct digital manufacturing (Rapid Prototyping). The project has proved a huge success yielding a string of iconic designs ranging from gallery pieces to retail products for well known manufacturers

. FutureFactories has been exhibited extensively around the world; in 2005 one of Lionel's pieces, Tuber9, was acquired by MoMA, The Museum for Modern Art in New York , for its permanent Design Collection. In 2008 this piece was including in a ‘Highlights Collection' of the Museum's 200 most significant acquisitions since 1980. Lionel is a regular speaker and writer on creative use of digital design and manufacturing technologies.


In creating pieces capable of evolution and mutation I imagine artefacts as nature organisms and consider both what state they might have developed from and what they might yet evolve into. The organic feel in the work is a result of employing the growth structures of the natural world rather than mimicking organic forms directly. FutureFactories artefacts are the flora and forna of an alien landscape, familiar yet strange, exhibiting some form of structure but defying the patterns and logic of the man-made world






Above images copyright of Lionel Dean 2010