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Category: Visual Artist
Location: Hertfordshire
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Jo gained a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine art, specialising in Sculpture in her final year. She has undertaken several art courses and achieved a City and Guilds qualification in photography. Jo is currently a Fellow at Digswell Arts Trust and works full time as a mixed media artist.

Jo's recent work has been exhibited at The New Maynard Gallery, Hertfordshire Visual Arts Forum Open Studios, Digswell studios and The Farmhouse Art Studios, Hertfordshire.


I use a variety of mixed media to create work that reflects my take on the world around me.

I work with smoke and soot on glass and am currently in the process of creating a series of smoke-a-graph body prints entitled ‘Body snatchers'. These images are unpredictable and of a delicate nature and are displayed in an illuminated form in coloured light boxes.

I am also working on a project in collaboration with the hypnotist, James Quinn, creating contemporaneous pieces based on my answers to questions posed to me whilst under hypnosis.

Another area of my work, the ‘Revival' series, involves collecting and re-energising photographs from house clearances and second hand markets to make collages and paintings. These works centre on my fascination with loss and the human response to loss. I present the original image to the world again in a renewed visual and temporal context, thereby striving to give them a new lease of life and to immortalise something of the lives they are a testimony to

Crypt-mas Statement

'The Watchers'

Because angels are so strongly represented in the imagery, narrative and music that surrounds us at Christmas, our focus and awareness of them is arguably more sharpened at this time of year than at any other. However, angels are believed or reputed to be around us all the time, in particular guardian angels, who stick with us from birth to death and offer protection and unconditional love. They may be present in order to safeguard us from harm, to guide and comfort us, to bring messages or joy, or merely to watch us as we go about our daily lives.

There is a belief that as one angel records the deeds we do that are visible to all, another takes note of those that are hidden in secret actions or thoughts.

It is a fascination with a single aspect of their reputed role – their function as watchers – that informs the pieces I have created. How closely are they watching us? Are they taking notes? Are we being scored for our deeds, our thoughts, our feelings, and our points being totted up on a day of judgement? Are we merely the occupants of a celestial Big Brother House, with the Divine rather than Davina calling the shots?

Or are they merely beings of light, of love, simply drawn to us out of love?

And, if we are being watched, how do we know when we are in the presence of an angel? It is rumoured that the following clues are sure signs of their presence: the pure aroma of flowers; the sense of a slight breeze; the faint sound of bells or a trumpet; and particularly, the overwhelming feeling of love.

Look out, now….


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