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Kathleen started as a sculpture in 1982 and started experimenting in 1992 working with industrial glass and resin, coloured with translucent pigments. This group of works started a whole new style for Kathleen, creating a number of panels, furniture and other artefacts. Her works then added the medium of light and even kinetic illuminated panels. In 2001 Kathleen was commissioned to transform a room with her casted panels from floor to ceiling.

Kathleen had her first show in 2002 and since then has been involved in other exhibitions. In 2004 gained commission from Pfizer to create a painting for their new building. The artist has also exhibited at Olympia in the Light Exhibition


Kathleen D'Ore began working with glass fibre and resin in the 1970's and in the 1980's concentrated on sculpture in this medium. In the 1990's she began experimenting with has created a unique artistic medium through two decades of experimentation with painting in resin which finally resulted in cast panels she calls resulting in her Lumina pieces.

These are created with multiple layers of resin in translucent colour creating three-dimensional abstract expressionist paintings. Completely opaque at first glance, Lumina comes to life when lit from behind revealing colours of great depth and brilliance. Lumina have universal appeal and observers find it easy to relate to the work. The vivid patterns of flowing colour invite viewers to respond and create their own images in the painting. This mental engagement of the spectator completes the piece for the artist. D'Oré wants to entice the viewer into an act of meditation as the emotive response and the stimulating effect of the colour and form on the imagination leads the spectator to own the piece and adds the final touches to the composition for her.


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