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Category: Visual Artists
Location: London
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I have an interdisciplinary approach to art practice that includes projection, audio, moving/static image and painting

Recent projects include large-scale slide and video projection. My work with architectural projection evolved from a stint of guerrilla advertising. This included the projection of Gail Porter onto the Houses of Parliament.

My work developed with a commission for the Turin Biennale. I projected images on ten landmark buildings in the city. The projected images derive from medical equipment at the Royal College of Surgeons in London. I chose this imagery to display human frailty and present it on a maximum public scale. It is an effective way of transforming architecture with transient light based images.

A recent installation at the ICA was an audio/visual installation commissioned for the Playtime short film festival. The resulting video projection had a performance aspect where filmed images are mixed to a soundtrack I made. The theme of the piece was to investigate how leisure and entertainment has become enshrined in the capitalist work ethic.

There is humour and a subversive undertone to my work.

People I have worked with are The Light Surgeons, Scanone, Nic Clear, Rut Blees Luxembourg, Jason Rinaldi, Christian Soukias, Deepvisual and Insight Lighting.


Above images copyright of Malcolm Litson 2010