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Category: Photographer
Location: London
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  NK Guy is a Canadian writer and photographer, based in London. He is the author of The Photographer's Dictionary and Mastering Canon EOS Flash Photography .


  Light painting as a photographic technique has existed for many years. 1935 saw Man Ray scrawling his signature in the air with an electric torch, and Gjon Mili famously captured Pablo Picasso sketching a light centaur in 1949. In the days of film the unpredictability of directly manipulating light sources to create spectral, dreamlike or abstract images was a time-consuming and iterative process. But the arrival of digital imaging technology and realtime preview screens has tightened the feedback loop and brought a new sense of immediacy to the technique.

  These photographs were taken in the Shunt Vaults, London Bridge, in May 2010. Participants included members of the Cambridge University Fire Troupe, dancer Anna-Mi Fredriksson, and pyrotechnician Edward Chiswell Jones.


Above images copyright of NK Guy 2010