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Category: Visual Artists
Location: Surbiton
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Susan Eyre graduated from Goldsmiths College in 2007 with a BA in Textiles. Since then has exhibited in London, Berkshire and Hampsire. Exhibitions include The london Group, Ochre Group memebers at SW1 Gallery, Artsway Open 08, Freerange at the Old Truman Building.


Susan Eyre creates two and three dimensional work using a range of media and techniques including screen printing, digital print and a unique process of fusing synthetic and natural materials.

Susan Eyre invites the viewer to look beyond the un-romanticised reality of urban life to discover an illusory world that is anauthentic yet familar. Reflecting on personal and shared cultural influences she engages with fantaties of secret gardens, archetypal romantic scenes and ideas of paradise to construct her landscapes. Images absorbed from advertising media,film and fiction are regurgitated into her work exposing the collective vision of a perfect natural world as illusion. Ambiguously desirable these false landscapes acknowledge an urge to create a space that is a haven of beauty and experience of nature. Inspired by a prevalent nostalgia for a utopian idyll amid the fragmented and synthetic experience of nature, her work explores the gap where reality falls short of aspiration.

Wishful thinking and the search for the sublime are central to her practice. She questions what consitutes a perfect setting, and what does the idea of paradise conjure up. In exploring the transformation of the environment to confirm to a common aesthetic her work considers the interventions and consequences of municipal activity.



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