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Exhibiting Visual Artists

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 ‘Father Crypt-mas'

To answer the age-old question, how does Father Christmas do all that work in one night?

Illumini Father Crypt-mas is a time travelling android that travels through the fabric of time and space in nano seconds. Once he became too old to do so, an aging Father Christmas created the Cyborg to help produce and deliver gifts for every child in the world. Father Crypt-mas is immortal he will never age or tire. He will continue to bring the magic of Christmas forever more.



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With a little old driver, so lively and quick, I knew in a moment it must be St Nick. More rapid than eagles his coursers they came,And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name!

Now Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen! On, Comet! On, Cupid! on Donner and Blitzen! Decapitated, stuffed and hung on a wall……

…now what Christmas would be complete without a reference to reindeer? A light hearted, satirical comment on the traditional hunting trophies. City lights meet the open plains; taking the machismo out of the kill, CariBoo brings out the cocktail waitress in the cowboy.



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‘Giant Glow Worm'

Glow worms start to glow as it gets dark, usually in the summer time, but this is a giant festive specimen for Christmas 8 metres long!

Their glow lasts for several hours and is as bright as LED lights, pulsing gently like this installation, in a skin-like casing.

Only the unwinged female glows strongly to attract the flying males over a few weeks, until she mates. Theglow is cold and is form of bio-luminescence.

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'Christmas Morning '

With a huge bubble in a bed of reflective wrapping, this colour changing installation invokes the magic of Christmas morning with rich hues and reflective materials. The fireside tones contrast with the clammy darkness of the space creating a feeling of warmth and security; but what is lurking in the hole…

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‘ Gloria in excelsis Deo'

And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. This painting is an impression of the night sky filled with a multitude of angels, a swirling vortex of praise and Christmas celebration. The painting is made from layers of translucent resin and illuminated from behind.

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'Restricted View Winter'

Restricted View (winter) invites the viewer to look beyond the drab un-romanticised reality of an urban winters' day to discover a fantasy winter wonderland

Conjured from the collective subconscious, images from Christmas cards, advertising media, films and fiction are cobbled together to create a world that exists only in the imagination. Inauthentic yet familiar, this appealing landscape originates from an urge to invent a space that is a haven of beauty and harmony.This desire intimates a continuing nostalgia for a utopian idyll amid a fragmented and synthetic experience of nature where reality falls short of aspiration.

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Christmas is a crazy time of year, with the flurry and hurry and frantic rush. Crackers is how you can feel! But crackers are also the sparkle in the Christmas lunch, the paper hats and the snap of the bang makes the meal a special occasion. These Cracker Lights try to capture the sense of fun and delight of the Christmas Cracker.




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'Slow Shutter'

  Light painting as a photographic technique has existed for many years. 1935 saw Man Ray scrawling his signature in the air with an electric torch, and Gjon Mili famously captured Pablo Picasso sketching a light centaur in 1949. In the days of film the unpredictability of directly manipulating light sources to create spectral, dreamlike or abstract images was a time-consuming and iterative process. But the arrival of digital imaging technology and realtime preview screens has tightened the feedback loop and brought a new sense of immediacy to the technique.

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'Crypt-mas Fairy'

Today the fairies, like the forests are few; and the children of human tribes many. Most children no longer have the opportunity to visit the fairies in their forests, but those of us who still believe provide a small evergreen tree in which they might dwell on Christmas Eve.

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' All the Trimmings!'

The flowers associated with Christmas are familiar adornments for decoration, Poinsettia, Holly, Ivy, Christmas roses, all picked, preened, displayed and arranged. In their natural state, these are in fact unassuming seasonal bushes, weeds and shrubs.

Yet their very humble nature is what gives rise to their symbolic significance; the holly denoting domestic unity, the ivy resonant of friendship and fidelity. The poinsettia native to Mexico has its own Christmas legend where a poor little girl picks the weedy shrub as the only gift she can give, whereupon it transforms into a beautiful red flower. They all speak of the extraordinary in the mundane, humanity and hope, those real Christmas messages…Christmas lights of a different kind.

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Nicola Schauerman & Tim Pickup

'Sea Angel'

Sea Angel offers an alternative aquatic angel for Christmas. In its usual habitat Sea Angels (or Clionidae) are small gelatinous swimming sea slugs. Here, the creature can be comforting but beware it has a sting in its tail and if upset will kick up a storm. The Crypt is the perfect setting for this subterranean phantom.

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‘Quadron' &'Terrafleur'

Terrafleur (illustrated), a colour changing, shape morphing, ceramic sculpture that gives a new meaning to Christmas lights.

Oranges and spices are the inspiration for Quadron. Like a glowing quartered orange, if one peers through the silhouetted, cut out sides, rich colours and textures reminiscent of those found in the lands of the spices are revealed.


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'Advent' is an interactive advent calendar. The audience is invited to touch the projected calendar to reveal the flipside of the goodwill season

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Jeremy Lord

'Christmas Lights Box'

Shadows, shapes and spirals of slowly evolving colours project silhouettes of abstract and seasonal images.

A display of individual Light Boxes of differing shapes and sizes showing swirling, expanding and amorphous colours and forms.

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Taz Lovejoy's, Orbs, is a collection of assemblages that is constructed on the basis of Christmas baubles, drawing similarities to organic structures and wintertime's festivities. In this installation Taz utilizes mass-produced, found objects to create spheres that harness colours and light to create an immersive environment within the crypt.

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'Christmas Present'

Displayed as a Christmas present, with ribbon made from recycled plastic bags, these photograms explore presence and absence. What do you do with the multitude of carrier bags discarded from your Christmas shopping? The images themselves are haunting and ethereal, and bring to life the spirit of Christmas – past present and future.

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‘ Plastic Fantastic'

The vibrant and luminous nature of these sculptures may recall the bright decorative lights displayed throughout Christmas. Kitsch, garish, plastic fantastic…their ambience illuminates the space in which they inhabit.



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'The Watchers'

Because angels are so strongly represented in the imagery, narrative and music that surrounds us at Christmas, our focus and awareness of them is arguably more sharpened at this time of year than at any other. However, angels are believed or reputed to be around us all the time, in particular guardian angels, who stick with us from birth to death and offer protection and unconditional love. It is a fascination with a single aspect of their reputed role – their function as watchers – that informs the piece I have created. How closely are they watching us? Are they taking notes? Are we being scored for our deeds, our thoughts, our feelings, and our points being totted up on a day of judgement? Are we merely the occupants of a celestial Big Brother House, with the Divine rather than Davina calling the shots?


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Nik Impressed Illumini, so much with his artistic skills of spray painting, he has been invited back. Nik will create scenic backdrops and furnishings for Illumini Crypt-mas.

These ice themed works, will transform the main entrance of Illumini into a winter wonderland..

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“The science of snow” is an interactive exhibit that starts by illustrating how snowflakes form and ends with a unique snowflake postcard to take away.

By controlling environmental conditions, you grow a unique snowflake; its shape is a visual history of the journey from cloud to ground .


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JANE WEBB (Founder/Curator)

'What's the best Christmas present you ever had?'

Lying upstairs in bed, wondering what gift is under the Christmas tree…. Electronic noises coming from the box with the big ribbon, box burst open, there stands a full size robot, with flashing lights awaiting my command.

The mission, exterminate the brussel sprouts, awaiting tomorrows Christmas dinner. It moves into the kitchen each foot shaking the floor. Zap!!! Mission accomplished. What's that noise? sshhh someone's coming. I am supposed to be asleep on Christmas Eve……zzzzz. zzz zz

I never got the Robot in the box, but the best gift I could ever have and still have, is imagination!