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Category: Visual Artist
Location: Budapest
Contact: Email


Studied at the Academy of Applied arts in Budapest and completed a MS Degree in 1968. Andras has spent his career as a lecturer, teacher and professor and artist, working at Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts, Consultant in Pratt Institute in new York USA, Cross vocational Studies at the National College of Art and Design, Norway.

Andras is also been a member of the Hungarian Fine and Applied Artist Association Hungary and founder of many organizations, to name just a few the Graphic Workshop, Békéscsaba, Hungary, Founder of the Organization of Young Applied Artis, Budapest, Hungary, founder of “ international Design Works, Forum, Zsenye”, Hungary, Founder and member of the Hungarian National Colour Committee and founder and art director of IVID GM, Budapest

He has exhibited internationally in a outstanding number of exhibition nearly 150 exhibition all over the world in solo shows and group shows, winning the following awards Internationale Grafikbiennale, for 2 years and Krakan7. Miedzynarodowe Biennale, 8th International Exhibition of Original Drawings, Dózsa Farkas Design award, Mosonmagyaróvár Painting award, Munkácsi Mihály State award, A Díj ( Kévés Studió Galéria

During his career he has achieved many Grants and awards, exhibitions, conferences, lectures and also workshops. His works are in private and public collections all over the world


In my current work, I attempt to find the answers to two questions:

•  How is it possible (if it is possible at all) to comprehend at simultaneously the multifaceted nature and qualitative changes and aspects of a perceived environment? - and

•  Whether there is any means of visually expressing this simultaneous perception? -and

. Whether our three dimensional base is adequate to comprehend all of these?

The weighing up of the possibilities of providing an answer led me to a sort of solution, which in short I refer to as:

“Polyphonic Visual Space ( Simultaneous Spatial-View“) “

Given that the greatest variety of things happens simultaneously in time and space and these continually change, the approach I take for taking into account the relation of the parts in time and space - that is thinking in terms of relationships and alternatives - is predestined.

For me, “polyphonic visual space” means the harmonization, both simultaneously and one after the other, of the events taking place in a space independently of each other. In order to express visually this polyphony, I had to search for terms which would help me in providing an answer.

Without promising completeness I would mention here a few of them: Stereo-metric, polyphony, simultaneity, segmentation, multidimensionality, multiple viewpoints, and layering.

These terms and their visual projections are present in all of my work either individually or together. As philosophical thinking is characteristic of me, I use for the most part the language of geometric forms to make my ideas reality. However, this does not exclude the possibility of my using on occasion a thematic (descriptive) language according to the aim and the place.

I build my work on thoughts and their appropriated underlying principles. The search for and understanding of thoughts and underlying principles are my primary concern, because this provides the possibility of giving a personal visual answer and of extending and enriching visual presentation. In my reading, this means that underlying principles can be built into any thought and can be expressed in any formal language.


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