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Illumini is planning more events, and is looking for artist's, from all genres, including performance, that use light in their work.

We also offers work placement opportunities for artists.

Illumini, offers great advertising packages for companies, that would like to be part of an exciting event, that attracts a large and wide audience.

For further details please contact Jane Webb via the contact page.


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Category: Visual performer
Location: Bristol
Contact: Email


Eckard originally comes from Germany, now lives and works in Bristol as a VJ artist. He frequently makes his own movies, mixes and animations and has worked in nightclubs and parties. He has a residency at the Chelsea Pub in Bristol.

Eckard has his own equipment and can travel; he is available for VJ performances and can be hired for a reasonable fee and happy to work in pubs, clubs, private parties and art events.


On-line video art. Eckard was influenced by the Illumini Event 2010 theme, not only is he a performance artist that use illumination, but the connection with underground war bunkers in london, had a strong influence on this work. Eckhard personally experienced the pain and distress that war can cause. Leaving pain and tears with all countries involved. He has produced a video and animation of a personal response to war, asking the question Why?


Video Gallery

Title: why war ,pain and hopeless on both sides


Gallery of other works




Above videos copyright of Eckard Preuss 2010