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Illumini is planning more events, and is looking for artist's, from all genres, including performance, that use light in their work.

We also offers work placement opportunities for artists.

Illumini, offers great advertising packages for companies, that would like to be part of an exciting event, that attracts a large and wide audience.

For further details please contact Jane Webb via the contact page.


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Category: Visual Artist
Location: London
Contact: Email


Jayne graduated BA (Hons) in business studies and a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and is now studing an MA in Fine Art at Slade School of Fine Art. She gained, Buckingham New University Award, for Best Student and award for Best Dissertation

Exhibitions include, Kinetic Art Fair and Musion Academy Awards in London. Jayne has exhibited through Buckinghamshire, London and Newcastle. Recently gaining a residency with Heals at Tottenham Court Rd London, for a interactive Window art installation. Public and private collections include The Tate, soon ti be in Heals archive at the V&A Museum, among many more.

Jayne also lectures fine art at Amersham and Wycombe Colleges and given workshops at Worcester Resource Exchange. And recently gained AHRC award for Professional Preparation Master's Scheme


Led by investigations into transience and the polarities of fragility and resilience, perfection and imperfection, order and chaos, my work has increasingly focused on making connections between natural forces and phenomena on a micro and macro level. I am fascinated by the universality of nature's patterns and the poignancy of events that unfold through transient and ephemeral processes such as the changes of state of materials and the human breath.

Charting the exchange between our inner and our outer landscapes allows us to come face to face with traces of our existence by making visible our interaction with our environment and allowing connections to be drawn between nature and the human psyche. The work challenges us to explore experiences we think we know well though the presentation of alternative sensory information.