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Illumini is planning more events, and is looking for artist's, from all genres, including performance, that use light in their work.

We also offers work placement opportunities for artists.

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Category: Visual Artist
Location: Brighton
Contact: Email


Lucy Sparrow is a textile artist based in Brighton
Her biggest work to date has been 'The Bakerloo Tapestry' which is an enormous fabric tube map, painstakingly embroidered with the names of all 270 stations.

She has exhibited in both Brighton and London with Prescription Art and Guerilla Zoo and continues to work on her practice in a one woman mission to convert the world into a fluffier place


.She works mainly with felt and wool to create over-sized soft versions of existing objects which, when placed in different surroundings, convey an altogether fantastical approach to life. This playful affection she has with her work relieves the conditions that are often put upon artists to produce something deeply profound and monumental. She sees Art that is aesthetically pleasing as the new 'Shock of the New'.

Lucy's 'Feltism' plays on the distorted scale of childhood and the dreamlike quality to textures. Whilst taking a walk through the surreal fabric landscape where giant sardines lollop next to an innocently blunt pen-knife, the land of the soft conquers the harshness of a sharp edged reality.

The subject matter that she uses with her work is often one that provokes nostalgia and a wish for all things to remain unharmful; a kind of felt Utopia if you like.


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