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Illumini is planning more events, and is looking for artist's, from all genres, including performance, that use light in their work.

We also offers work placement opportunities for artists.

Illumini, offers great advertising packages for companies, that would like to be part of an exciting event, that attracts a large and wide audience.

For further details please contact Jane Webb via the contact page.


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Visual Artist
Location: Birmingham
Contact: Email


Sonia Bhamra graduated in 2007, from the university of central England, with BA(Hons) degree in fine art, with elective in photography and jewellery design. In 2007-2008 Bhamra worked in Sara Preisler gallery, as a jewellery assistant, working with various metal and semi-precious metals. In 2008 and 2009 was selected to exhibit Light art for Birmingham Arts Fest. Commissions consist of art works for Birmingham City Council.


I have explored the concept of painting without the fundamentals which link to the traditional process. My work addresses a contemporary language for mark-making and drawing; this familiar philosophy is reconstructed in my work with the use of unconventional techniques.

I have taken innovative approaches to produce these abstract pieces. I have drawn into the surface of steel instead of canvas. My colourful painting like pieces consists of the immaterial medium of Light, highlighting the inscriptions. These can transform in terms of it's intensity as the level of natural light and darkness varies.

Light being natural or artificial is relied upon to build or depict visual work, but I have used it to conjure up a vision of its various applications as an artistic medium.

The source of light can be seen as mundane, commercially or naturally available, however, when placed in the context of painting it can be revolutionary as it can radically add dimension or enhance the potential of its surrounding space.



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