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Creative Coaching and Facilitation
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Category: Creative Service
Location: London
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Workshop for Illumini Event 2010

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Facilitated by Diane Parker and Deborah Henry-Pollard
•  How do you be creative under the pressures of day to day life?
•  How do you focus on one great idea when you have dozens flying around in your head?
•  At the other end of the scale, how do you break out of a creative block?

This workshop, which will combine fun and good sense, will give you some tools and insights to use when you find yourself hitting a creative brick wall. We will use interactive processes, games and exercises, so come in comfy clothes and prepared to participate fully!

The workshop is for anyone who wants to embrace and develop their creativity, at whatever level and in whatever medium. The workshop will run for 2 hours and spaces are limited to 15, so pre-booking is necessary.

About Diane and Deborah

Diane Parker, The Good Witch of the North, has worked in the creative industries for almost 20 years. She is a creative coach and facilitator, working with creative professionals at all levels and stages of their careers , and helping people from all walks of life who want to tap into their inner creativity, and find new forms of expression in their daily lives, both personally and professionally.

Deborah Henry-Pollard, of Catching Fireworks, has 30 years experience in the creative industries. She works with people who have a creative vision but need support in grounding the ideas in reality and offers a bespoke service using coaching, consulting or project management.

Both Diane and Deborah are committed to supporting people in developing their creativity and doing it in a way which is professional, empathetic and inspiring.

Deborah Harry-Pollard's Background

Deborah Henry-Pollard a creative coach & facilitator, who has over 30 years experience and worked across the arts & charity and retail sectors including

Oxford Concert Party; Chester Gateway Theatre; Chester Literature Festival; English National Opera; Cameron Mackintosh; Society of West End Theatre; Studio Voltaire

Aston-Mansfield; Cheshire Development Education Centre ; Leukaemia Research Fund, Chester Branch; The Hunger Project

Her skills and insight have enabled her to

  • co-found a development education centre
  • project manage the establishment of two businesses
  • create, implement and manage the administration for four organisations
  • raise £2.5 million for charity
  • create, implement and manage successful client based marketing strategies for three organisations


Deborah can support you as a coach, a mentor or a project manager to help you achieve your goals, as a facilitator, either helping you to find your own insights and way forward or working on a more practical level, taking a project idea, planning the logistics, enrolling and motivating personnel, and creating an environment of support. Offering a positive attitude, integrity, creativity, enthusiasm, a quick intelligence and commitment to your success.


Would you like to work with someone who can catch your fireworks, bring them back to earth and ground them in reality, whilst retaining their colour, sparkle, excitement and dazzle? Someone who:

  • works with you to find your creative vision
  • steps into your vision and see it in all its glory
  • quickly grasps what you want to achieve and helps you convert the vision into practical, realistic and achievable steps, from paperclips to buildings
  • sees the whole picture and identify opportunities and gaps
  • empathises with any concerns you may have about losing the sparks of creativity
  • is committed to helping you create a structure which does not sacrifice spontaneity
  • is a catalyst, looking to link you to opportunities and networks

I offer a bespoke service with an empathetic outlook, aimed at delivering the level of support you want, using either consulting, coaching or project management.  I can work with you on:

  • a sparkler - support on one aspect of your project
  • a rocket - support on developing a business plan, management of a project
  • a full firework display - full support from concept development to completion