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Illumini is planning more events, and is looking for artist's, from all genres, including performance, that use light in their work.

We also offers work placement opportunities for artists.

Illumini, offers great advertising packages for companies, that would like to be part of an exciting event, that attracts a large and wide audience.

For further details please contact Jane Webb via the contact page.


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Category: Art Organisations
Location: London
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Own-it at Illumini: shed light on copyright
Date: Wednesday, 15 th September 2010
Time: 4-5.15pm
Venue: Shoreditch Town Hall basement
Admission free.

Please register online and reserve your place:

An introduction to law for artists whose artistic practices are outside the more traditional, such as conceptual, appropriation or installation art. Do installations attract copyright? How can you protect your work from being copied or stolen even if it's just an idea to be executed by others? How can you ensure it is properly displayed and you are credited? What do you need to look out for in contracts? Do you need permission to display or perform your work? This seminar will introduce you to the finer aspects of copyright law and show you ways of protecting your work. Don't miss an interesting discussion…


Nicola Solomon, Consultant, Finers Stephens Innocent

Nicola is acknowledged as one of the country's leading lawyers on law relating to artists. Nicola has many years of experience advising on all aspects of intellectual property  including contracts, copyright, agency  agreements, brand protection, defamation, electronic rights  etc.

 The seminar is organised by Own-it in partnership with Finers Stephens Innocent, for Illumini.
For further information please contact Silvia Baumgart, Own-it Lead Officer
Telephone: 020 7514 8500


Own-it offers intellectual property (IP) advice and support for creative businesses.

Whether you're a designer, a musician, a writer or an imagemaker you never really know where you'll have that next idea. But when you do have them, they're yours and you need to make the most of them. You've heard all those stories about creatives getting ripped off? All true.

We show London's creative businesses how to grow and increase their value by using their intellectual property.Our free services range from basic information to advanced support, through online information and specialist seminars, workshops, and, where it's appropriate, one-to-one advice from an intellectual property lawyer.

With ‘Most of this is provided free of charge by experts who've been there and done it. For some services such as sample contracts or lawyer's clinics we charge a nominal fee.

Own-It can help with:

  • Copyright
  • Design rights
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Branding
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Licensing
  • Royalties
  • Contracts

How to join

Membership is free and quick so visit  the Own-It website  to protect you work.