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Illumini Event 2012

Illumini will take you on a journey of Victorian hauntings, explore the dark side of a city long forgotten. Take torch light tours beneath the haunted streets of the city


Illumini Event 2010 Presents - 'Secret subterranean London ' © 2010

Comments left by guests

Well done illumini ! really interesting event

100% interesting stuff - Jessica

Wow speechless, never would of gone to a gallery but Illumini is so cool

Fantastic !! Thank you for doing this so well - Vanessa

Very unpredictable was totally cool

Not into art but this was amazing!

Loved the set up by KJ, your work rocks!

This is great, what an experience, why cant you stay longer

Very interesting & great fun . Thank you Hayley- Brighton

Fantastic Experience, never seen anything like this, cant wait for next Illumini Event - Mary from Cornwall

Awesome -Ruth from USA

I was dragged here by the wife, not interested in art, but I'm coming back. loved Janes work and the puddle with the creatures moving really great

My 3rd time it just gets better. Jane Webb your the best

Amazing exhibition, even the kids loved it. Thank you - Brill family Paris

The best exhibition I have ever seen. Well done and thank you- Alex Brighton

Excellent ! Dom- Mitcham

We want more !!!!

Excellent really enjoyed the talks and exhibition and all free Andy from London

Very spooky and really interesting Loved Jane Webb prison art

Awesome more more more

Good show and atmosphere, you can see how much effort has been put into this

Loved Andras installation amazing! Joe- Buckinghamshire

Illumini should get an award for this Event never seen anything like it in 70 years. Very enjoyable afternoon. Thank you. Joyce and Ben from Devon

Nice expo Bernoit-France

Loved the ghost photgraphy, by Liz Murfitt

Excellent- Paul Cornwall

Long queues but well worth it, Never seen queues at an art event JC- London

Interesting & Spooky

I have never seen anything like this before, its Brilliant, wish there was more stuff like this- Sarah

Was not sure what to expect, not a art fan, but spent 3hrs in here

Amazing, Inspiring, Creative very impressive

Great location and very well put together. Tell Jane we want more!

Loved it, would like to know more history on the location -Vyki

Fab- Brian aged 7 london

Very interesting and original

F***ing Brill

Didnt think you would beat the last event, Illumini just gets better and better. We want more please

Great Event informative and imaginative- Sarah C

Wicked- Pippa

Great atmosphere, sound effects and lights

When is the next one

Very good loved the old building the artifacts and art -Paul from London

Very good keep them coming

Very enjoyable- Peter

I think we should start an Illumini fan club

Brilliant opening night, so much to see

Fantastic way to display creative and wonderful art work. Nick

Interesting would like to come back

Very interesting work, made from old war maps. Giant animal amazing

Fantastic and event creative Thank you - Nina Bristol

Loved the exhibition and looking forward to the Christmas one

Fantastic use of space very well put together more more more please- Sarah

Great event would be nice to have maps though- Oliver

I enjoyed it very much. Janice 9 years old

Wow wow this is all free amazing coming back

Very Interesting Loved the artwork

I would like to thank Jane for all the hard work . The best event of the year

Help me I am trapped in a comments box- Susannah

Very good want to go down the tunnels

Great space lovely idea, but less advertising would of been better- Celena

Mesmerizing !!- Alex

Captivating and thoroughly gorgeous imagery, sound and atmosphere

Beautiful and very nicely done was an enjoyable visit! thanks -Tina

This event has taken me back a few years. The war areas were spot on, research was done extremely well. Congratulations Illumini. From the old lady that got lost

Curious and enlightening, couldn't stop making notes on things. Thank you- Anna

Looking forward to the Cryptmas Event

Fabulous Exhibition but next time leave out the sponsors posters

My favourites were Focar art work, Jane Webb mirror, Genetic moo puddle and Jo Taylors glowing soot people

Free and Fabulous

Loved the wind blown white people in the mortuary

Excellent What Next - Stephen

I met my girlfriend at the last Illumini Event, maybe Jane can marry us if we make the next one ha ha


Fab V atmospheric and inspiring and educational

Absolutely phenomenal and fascinating, wish it was running longer so I could bring others - Jenna

Brillaint- Ian


Very Good, loved the use of props made the event something totally unique and different. Very well done

My only complaint why is it not on for longer?

Fascinating Exhibition in a great location

Brilliant and very unique. illumini never disappoints Well done

Great exhibition. We need Illumini in Manchester Please

Spiffing stuff Thank You

Very different. How does Jane do it , Gets me ever time

Loved It

Illumini should be regularly funded, we want more -Bella from Hackney

Great Show

Great event amazing performance, not sure why there was a pool of water in one room??? Enlighten me

Very unusual and unique. Loved every minute. Friendly staff and informative

To the lady that spoke to my old dad, he loved hearing everything you said, thank you it was a very enjoyable event.

Great inspiration and space

Is this an art exhibition? Never seen anything like it this Rocks!!

Jane webb you done it again! Congratulations

Really liked very interesting

Very atmospheric. Giles- Milton Keynes ( well worth the traveling)

Fabulous Don't stop we want more

Really interesting well done

Met the curator, and got her autograph thanks

This exhibition is marvelous Please keep me up to date of more events

Wow queues all round shoreditch, once inside I can see why , I don't want to leave

Impressive Extraordinary high level

Innovative, engaging and fun

Different and very enjoyable

Every little details has be carefully thought through, even the ration books great idea well done

Enjoyed the interactive side of the exhibition, especially all the costumes what a great idea

Excellent exhibition, slight info overload

Amazing exhibition

Excellent Will come again- Jason

Brilliant just Brilliant

Always great fun, great light shows and performers

Very original- Irene

Loved it! Great Exhibition and art

Loved it !

Great Venue and fabulous installations

Loved the show

Interesting a real eye opener

A very good idea

Very enjoyable

Very original, particularly loved the crypt and fibre optic sculptures

Really Great - Wendy

Creepy and excellent

Superb show everything was so well done, shame the mobile art didnt actually work

Brilliant Fantastical amazing, more please!

Very Creepy

I'm a close up magician and mind reader let me know if I can help at next event- Mike

Enjoyed it great stuff- Kate St Albans

Fantastic Exhibition. Loved most of the art there just a couple that were not as good

Excellent i want more!

Loved the glowing flowers

Brilliant event in the East End bought back some memories of the good old days, thank you Miss Webb for such an enjoyable day. I wish you all the success you deserve. Maive

Very interesting enjoyed a lot thanks

Wonderful exhibition

Inspiring fantastic to see something new

Very real

Atmospheric Very interested to hear about how to get involved in future events- Kate

Loved it Thank you , some of the work took me to magic land and Loved it, please more of those.

Lovely thank you

Wonderful looking forward to xmas event

Very Good Event and enjoyed all of art work installations on display


Brilliant ! Loved it Fabulous

Amazing Talk

Details of Christmas event please this was great

Really Impressive.

Great Talks and walks and wonderful art

Very Enjoyable Thank you

Very much enjoyed the experience

Some pieces are good and thought provoking. Wall posters and info too small.

Intriguing and surprising- lisa

Bring on the tunnels- Ruth

Well done I'm so happy i had time to re visit again

Great the very best of Art

Interesting but needed more torches



Amazing stuff cant wait to see your take on christmas - debbie from Nottingham

Excellent !

Loved it !

Good ideas Love it xxx

Really enjoyed it, Pretty weird but that's what i like, different is always a must


Absolutely fantastic, Thank you so much. I really appreciate what you have done here. very interesting and beautiful arranged and lovely people working here too. Have a great day thank you

Fantastic unusual experience

Brilliant Thank you

Fab concept. keep it up

Excellent loved it Tara North wales

Some interesting pieces, atmospheric interested to hear about the shows on the future

Superb!- Malcolm

Just Brilliant Thank you

Very interesting that's good that ever you can try costumes on and touch props


Fantastic Exhibition really enjoyed it - Yaz london

Loved the event a large amount of history i had never seen before , very interesting


Delicious can I come again

Very nice

Weird but I like it

Great Exhibits, very cool concept. I wish you much luck

The spooky photography and the war corridor was my favorite


Great Hype, Can you justify the wait?

Very Nice thanks


I loved it !

Light Fantastic

Wonderful Thank you

Fantastic events

Amazing Nick from wales

Great -David London

Keep up the good work David

Joined the queue was not sure what for. I got told off in the queue because i had not heard of Illumini . Now I can see what they mean. Illumini is really something else Thank you

Ace . Mart and Rob aged 6,7

Ghost talk Rosie was great

Great exhibition and also enjoyed the ghost talk

Really good cheers


very Very Good !

Fabulous Who is Jane Webb did she do all this??

Great space wonderful exhibit


Brilliant works fantastic atmosphere, creeped me out i loved it

very interesting all these hidden places

Wonderful look forward to the next one

Like entering a different world

stunning location, Jane really knows how to put an event together

Fantastic Talks


Great interactive event

Love Nicks photos of underground Tunnels


Wicked !!

Awesome and very interesting

Very interesting and Awesome. Thank you illumini

Illumini is brilliant

Underground. For once I can say that London Underground doesn't annoy me . great event

Amazing I love what you guys do

Amazing -Ben

Really interesting talks and art work

Amazing show would like to visit again


Amazing we got performers, art, history, talks, tours and and most importantly the Illumini experience all for free.

Amazing show when is the next

Talks was really interesting, never known anything like this before at an event what a great idea

Excellent- Amy & Lee

Really interesting would like to see more

Enjoyed learning all about this- very clever the way its put together great artifacts and props

Very interesting - I traveled from Rome to see this



Very Interested and great event expected more lighting but still very good

Really enjoyed the exhibition and talks.

Free creative talks for artist what a great idea, why don't more famous artist help us like Jane

Really interesting, electric and pretty cool

Very entertaining loved the talks

Brilliant selection of artists and a great atmospheric exhibition, this wont be my last visit- Simon

Thanks for a wonderful experience

Very impressive

Very interesting and informative


Very interesting and thought provoking

Wow Jane webb she win the turner prize not the crap that does

Great ghost stories

Good work well done

Very well put together my hat goes off to the curator

I like the ambience, something you don't get at art exhibitions

Great you done it again Illumini -Suzie

Good stuff !!

Wonderful ! Very Impressed loved being able to explore and find art work, great space and ideas

Really like what you have done

Good Show

I am your number one fan my 4 visit. Is it possible to meet Jane webb?


Fantastic all of it , feel really inspired. thanx- Helene

Fantastic exhibition. very enlightening!!

Very interesting work loved it

Fascinating Event

Great collection more of these type of events needed there is something here for everyone

Amazing the world which exist below us

Is Jane webb a vampire is that why she likes dark underground spaces. She can bite me any time

Brings back many memories

especially love the light work

Loved it

Is the giant robot woman for sale?


Always such a pleasure to see such inventive. we want more well done and good luck for the next one

Beautiful exhibitions can you organise more

Really fascinating Thank you

Great Really enjoyed it- Brian

Intriguing collection of experiences worth the queue

I didn't know what I was going to find, i found another world

Very good use of space

Great fun

Great Expo, great ambience, so many performers so much to see . didn't expect anything like this . Its blown my mind

Wonderful even after the long queue

Very enjoyable

I thought this was great- Andy

Great -Vanessa

interesting work liked Jane webb sculpture, spider web room, great old documents. Also liked Jo Talors colorful people

Many beautiful things to see

Its like being in a sweet shop don't know where to go next

Really fascinating

Loved the coffin

Great expectations, Everything you could wish for . Absolutely stupendous, loads of hard work and well worth it- Shelia

This event is excellent, will there be mulled wine at Crypt-mas?

Great theme, great location, great talks, some exhibits are great, need a editor for statements though. Ps Brunel tunnel tour was great- ray

The very best installations I have ever seen please do more . Thanks Andrew

That space is fantastic, recreated very well, i felt like i lived there . Bloody Marvelous

Really enjoyed please let me come to Crypt-mas

Fantastic great Art and also learnt loads. looking forward to crypt-mas

Very interesting exposition


A very unique look at the subterranean good mixture of info and art, will bring some friends back

Excellent- Brad North wales

Well done!!

8hr train journey to come and see Illumini i would do it again tomorrow if I could afford it Brilliant

Entertaining some fascinating stuff, building is as interesting as the art . One complaint appalling standard of english in many of the descriptions

Enjoyed a lot

Loved the ghost woman, was she a performer?

Superb historical insight and presentation

Great use of space

Great choice of artists and props

Great exhibition very interesting

Great deal 2 for 1 Art and history of London . Loved it !

Really well set up interesting and engaging

interesting, Inspiring, impressive, old fashioned, wild, wonderful atmosphere

Very well done Very well thought through

Very Good - Diane


AMAZING!! Thanks

That was a amazing representation, of the war time and made me feel like I was in that time, and the sounds were great

Excellent Well curated

Super and exciting

Great Thanks

Great theme and venue, well done to the team that made it happen

Excellent !

Fab event very atmospheric

Beautiful atmospheric and historical

Superb Stuff

Amazing liked everything

Enjoyed the exhibition will book the tours

Great atmosphere and interesting installations

Really Cool !

History Info was great

Very interesting indeed

Interesting would like to visit again

Great exhibition also enjoyed the tours thank you

Great Idea thank you

Fantastic stuff. im off to find the unmarked door between, 31+33 High Holborn

Fab! Richard

Wow what an eye opener

Great exhibition and very interesting a fascinating talks

Interesting at times beautiful and poetic, hope to see more

Crypt-mas sounds like fun

Very nice i like

Great talks

Fantastic exhibit and excellent way of showcasing artists, It should be a regular thing

I Love it ! its great , its art and history 2 in 1. thanks

I liked Focar and Nicolas work


Very good can I volunteer for your next project

Fantastic idea

I really like


Interesting and unique exhibition

One of the most interesting events I have ever been too. thanks

My favorite exhibition of the year Brilliant * * * * *


Would be good to see you do a halloween themed event


Very Cool