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Illumini Event 2012

Illumini will take you on a journey of Victorian hauntings, explore the dark side of a city long forgotten. Take torch light tours beneath the haunted streets of the city


Illumini Event 2010 Sponsors & Supporters

Illumini Event 2010 presenting 'Secret subterranean London' as been kindly supported, funded and sponsored by the following


Arts Council England funded by the national lottery, have kindly chosen to be part of Illumini Event 2010. Arts Council England is the national development agency for the arts in England, distributing public money from the Government and the National Lottery, for further details of the projects they fund or for funding information please visit



Austin Funeral directors, have kindly provided Illumini with props for this event. Austin's has a strong passion for helping the community and have not just shown that with this community project but also the family owned business,designed and built Harwood Park Crematorium and Memorial Gardens in 1997, to further serve the needs of the local community.

The Austin Family has served the community, as funeral directors, for over three centuries. Their commitment to bereaved families has established Austin's as Hertfordshire's leading, family-owned and operated, funeral director.The Austin Family is committed to the continued provision of a caring, sympathetic and sensitive service to the bereaved and their loved ones for many years to come.



British postal services helped to shape the modern world. The British Postal Museum & Archive (BPMA) works to make this human story of communication, industry, and innovation accessible to everyone. They care for the visual, written and physical records of over 400 years of postal development. The BPMA is an independent charity but their history is strongly linked with that of Royal Mail Group.



Winston Churchill's Britain at War Experience offers visitors an educational and memorable journey back to Britain 's Home Front during World War II. Explore the every day hardships of people living and working in war-torn Britain , including evacuation, food & clothes rationing, bomb disposal, air-raids and much more. Take the lift down into the underground shelter, where many spent sleepless nights.



The Brunel Museum is an the Brunel Engine House in Rotherhithe . The Engine House was designed by Sir Marc Isambard Brunel to be part of the infrastructure of the Thames Tunnel .It held steam-powered pumps used to extract water from the tunnel .Since 1961 the building has been used as a museum displaying information on the construction of the tunnel and the other projects by Marc and Isambard Kingdom Brunel .

The Museum is located close to Rotherhithe station on what was the East London Line. The museum is open 7 days a week from 10am-5pm



The Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms is one of the five branches of the Imperial War Museum . The Cabinet War Rooms are an underground complex that had been used as an operational command and control centre by the British government throughout the Second World War . The Rooms were opened to the general public in 1984. Following a major expansion in 2003, the Rooms were reopened in 2005 as the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms, with the additional space developed as a biographical museum exploring the life of Winston Churchill .


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i catchers creates, designs and manufactures bespoke "one off" neon signs for high street shops, art, exhibitions or simply for home use. We can design from your ideas or drawings and hand make a stunning neon sign tailored to your individual


illumini Event 2010, explore the secret labyrinth underneath the city of London by energizer torch lights.

Providing you with all your battery needs, whether you're at home, on the go, or looking for the best performance from rechargeable's and flashlights. Discover our full innovative range of batteries , from Ultra+ for everyday performance to Ultimate Lithium for the very best power you can get in high tech devices.
Let Energizer power your life.



KAVE Theatre Services occupy a building complex of about 6,000 sq. ft. from which they operate successful sales, hire, service and installation departments. They can provide lighting, sound, effects equipment, rigging and even special effects make up, for stage and film.


At LEE Filters we are proud to say that we have earned and kept our reputation as the worlds leading manufacturer of lighting and camera filters by constantly looking ahead. Our company culture is one of continuous research and development, ensuring that we continue to provide high quality products for the film, television, theatre, architectural lighting and stills photography markets.




The London Dungeon brings London's horrible history to life with 12 shows, live actors, special effects and 2 scary rides. A family attraction hidden in the depths of London bridge

Monsieur M. offers affordable food in a relaxed and contemporary south-east asian inspired ambience.
Monsieur M. is the setting for mouth-watering dishes, wild conspiracies, cunning plans, a good old natter, flattery, flirtations, exotic dreams, fabulous ideas and waiters that go the 'extra smile'.
Come in for relaxation or for a pick-me-up!
Meet up with some friends, and if you have lots of them, bring them! we have a private room available for up to 40 guests, and we love having them!
Even if you're not dining, just drop in for a coffee or tea, read our newspapers, work on your laptop or even write a best-seller!



Stevenage Museum has a collection of over 18,000 photographs and 10,000 objects in its collection. Stevenage Museum have been very supportive during this project with the loan of world war II items. Their collections are made up from local people, that have donated most of the Museum's collection. Objects can also be given to the Museum on loan for a special exhibition. This is more than a museum, its a community hub for exhibtions, events historical meetings, family activities and much more. If you do have any items made in Stevenage area or about the area. Please do get in touch with the museum they are always greatful for items being donated.



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Mould making and casting supplies, supplying a full range of materials like, silicones, resins, fibre glass, plaster, latex or any other mould making and casting products, they supply to individual artist's and film production companies. With great on-line guides and friendly and knowledgeable staff, to help with your



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Illumini wants to hear from companies and organisation, that would like to be involved in the next Illumini event. Illumini attracted over 3,000 people on its opening night and 7,145 for the duration of the two weeks it was open, illumini achieved great media coverage, from Time Out, Guardian, Telegraph, Metro, a-n Magazine, Design Weekly and many more. Illumini offers any company, that would like to be connected with the arts, no matter how large or small a great advertisement and publicity package ,to suit individual companies needs.

This event is aimed at all ages There is many things we require for this event, sponsorship can be given in kind as well cash contribution which help promote the event and everyone involved, including the sponsors. Some of the items required beverages. any glow products, glow sticks or toys. Any books dvd or other memorabilia themed on a underground location. This can include complimentary tickets for museums and other experiences that are in an underground venue. illumini is happy to work with other historical organisations and museums and promote you at the same time. We also require prizes for our event. A great way to introduce people, to your new products, or show your generosity as a company, by supporting the arts within a not for profit art event for the community.

If your business involves lighting of any kind no matter how large or small and you would like to gain publicity, illumini would like to hear from you. All types of lighting from architectural, projections, light effects, smoke machines, LEDS, EL panels, neon's Do you make glow items ie; glow sticks, torches and t shirts. Literally if your products illuminate we want to hear from you. We would really like to hear from any corporation or businesses that would like, to support the arts and in return gain a lot of publicity, no mater from sponsor in kind or sponsorship

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•  Your logo on large banners advertised on busy London Rd Euston Rd

•  Your logo and website on 20,000 leaflets distributed through out London

•  Your logo and website on posters distributed around London

•  Advertisement in the event program, as well as your logo and details

•  Logo and website links on our web site (website hits where huge on last event)

•  Your details as a company sponsoring the arts, sent out to over 1,000 press releases.

•  Your details as a company sponsoring the arts listed in advertisements in press and huge on line advertisement of the event.

. Your company or product can be advertised in our newsletters

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Also depending on the type of sponsorship, product and your requirements, the following is also possible.

•  Promotional items and point of sale items can be distributed at the event

•  VIP quick entrances tickets for staff at the event

•  Get your staff creatively inspired. Any talented people in your company give someone the chance to exhibit their work at an Illumini Event.

•  Private guided Tour of Illumini for your guests, great for team building and new clients

for further details on how you could be part of Illumini, please contact Jane Webb. Click here to EMAIL

The Illumini Event held in September and will be Supported by the National Lottery through the arts council England.