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Illumini Event 2012

Illumini will take you on a journey of Victorian hauntings, explore the dark side of a city long forgotten. Take torch light tours beneath the haunted streets of the city



Electro-late @ Museum of London



The Museum of London in collaboration with Illumini is hosting a free night of electrifying performances, visuals and hands-on activities, in the newly refurbished Sackler Hall and Galleries of Modern London will be open late.

Visitors entering the event will be treated to dynamic dance performances in the foyer by young dancers from Union Too. Flooding the underground space of the lower galleries will be an electro soundscape made up of live tracks created with a mix of turntablism, retro toy twisting, sonic weapon and dirty breaks. Amid the heavy sounds, those exploring the galleries will discover dancing robots, electronic humanoids and LED dancers, as well as futuristic jugglers and magicians, showcasing their skills, courtesy of Illumini.

Party goers will get to test their creativity by turning their hands to virtual graffiti and have a chance to emulate past London styles, from Teddy Boys and punks to hippies and mods. A photographer will be on hand to capture visitors' alter-egos, inspired by items from the museum's collection.

Plug In festival is part of Stories of the World, one of the major projects at the heart of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad . As part of the Plug In festival the museum will also be hosting a fresh take on gallery tours, a careers event for young people and an afternoon of youth culture in film.

In Partnership with Illumini (curated by Jane Webb )

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Illumini would like to invite Illumini guests to this event, however please note this is not a usual Illumini Event in a historical underground Venue. We have been invited by The Museum of London to create this fun free night . The venue capacity is 900 for this event. The museum wish to do a first come, first served basis and have their own door staff. I suggest you arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Friday 11th March 2011

The Museum of London
150 London Wall
London. EC2Y 5HN

By tube: Barbican, St Paul's, Moorgate
By bus: 4, 8, 25, 56, 100, 25, 172, 242, 521

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Performance & Artists on the Night

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'Mad scientist'

Living stone statue and walkaround performance with a difference. The Mad Scientist with this amazing costume that illuminates, will be interact with Museum guests.


Close Up magic

Deryck has over 12 years experience of performing magic. he will mingle with the guests amazing them with his skills and tricks


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HARAJUKU ZOO animals are escaping from the screen frame. Watch your back! The candy-coloured characters might surprise you... Inspired by Electro-Late at Museum of London, the HARAJUKU ZOO characters will be in NEON disguise as if escaped from a Tron landscape. Exploring the museum and appreciating the displays....

HARAJUKU ZOO is a collaboration between Strap-On & Pikilipita interacting & surprising children & grown up



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Primo is over 6 foot tall and is able to communicate with guests, sing and dance and has many sound effects to dazzle and amaze everyone of any age.

Cyber-tech is a company run by Rob Clapperton, it specalises in Robots and Specialty Character Performances.


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Artist and performer Simon Rogers will create an electronic character , by body painting a human body, to transform into a electronic Robotic humanoid.

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Glow costumed Performer with an amazing light show. You will find The Glowman hidden inside the Galleries of the museum, where he will come to life with an rhythm glow performance.

Guy Smith is a Fire and Glow performer.

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LED Light Performance

Energetic choreographed light show. Stunning illuminated solo hula hoop performance with an LED colour changing hoop.

Tiina is a circus art performer, specialising in hula-hoops and hand balancing and is also a member of Hoop La La, a hula-hoop performing trio who hold a Guinness World Record in professional circus performance.

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Electro Sounds

Nik Vaughn AKA Mr Frisbee will be creating live tracks with a mix of turntablism, retro toy twisting, sonic weaponry and dirty breaks,,plus full DJ setas well as being a visual artist Nik's audio work spans film (Luc Besson, Channel 4, Sky, Film east) and DJ residency's and performances in Ibiza, New York & UK
plus a host of remix and production work for many high profile lables & artists



Virtual graffiti system

The Friispray open source virtual graffiti system lets you spray paint on a virtual wall!

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JANE WEBB (Founder/Curator of Illumini)

Humanoid Visitor

Recycled computer and electronic components are assimilated and transformed to create this humanoid.

The illuminated visitor will appear at the museum for Electro-Late, for its first appearance in public.

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'Crystal Contact Ball'

The Crystal Wizard is Chris Brown, an internationally renowned contact juggler. For Electro-Late he will amaze you with his juggling skills.