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Dominoes by Station House Opera.

Sunday 26th July 2009, 1000's of concrete blocks were used to create a moving sculpture, during the day . The thousands of dominoes made their way south through East and South East London, finishing in Greenwich in the evening. They travelled through parks and streets, under an underground Victorian sewers, travelled by boat down the Thames and under Greenwich foot tunnel , ending in Greenwich, for the grand finale of a stage performance all made from the dominoes by Station House Opera.

Illumini was very excited to hear about this fantastic project and was very happy to be part of it. It took many hours to set these breeze blocks up, carefully going up stairs and underground, across streets and parks. It was fantastic to see people running along following the dominoes as they fell, people waited in participation for them to drop at their feet. The atmosphere and excitement from the day, was fantastic. The line carried on to a stage area in Greenwich, with a performance piece, which was something else. This was one of the best ideas there has been for sometime and was a total pleasure for Illumini to be involved. Well done guys it was amazing.